Review | 2011.01.30

The Walking Dead
Walking Dead

+ Zombies.
+ Does not shy away from gory, mutilated undead.
+ Plenty of real estate. The protagonists aren't stuck in a mall or suburb.
+ More production value than I would expect from a high cable channel.
+ Replaced the non-zombie scenes (typically groping around in the darkness being scared) with character development.
- Character development is primarily people boiling over in anger and pistol whipping and/or drawing down on someone. You'd think these people would have been the first to go.
- Some tropes. E.g. 'That gun you pointed at me? You left the safety on.' or '-We can escape through the basement because this building is from the 1930s and therefore has sewer access -How do you know that piece of highly technical and useful information? -I used to work in zoning.'
- Every shot fired at a zombie from any range hits the melon. No center of mass. No misses.
- Zombies come and go based on what needs to drive the plot, they're not a constant threat.
- Stupid characters think they're the only ones alive in the world even though they constantly run into other survivors.
Game night

Office items

Ralph Steadman Hunter Thompson Ducati Supersport
Still to come

Flag football rules have been updated for season two.

Just cause I'm not drinking, doesn't mean I'm not thirsty. - D in response to the usual Never Have I Ever.

With a [motor]bike you are literally adding time to your life. - D considers how much less of his life he'd spend in traffic if he had a motorcycle, not realizing the obvious problem with his statement.

Another day another hoodie. - A on her colleague of North County's ancestry.

I don't need panties, I need liquor. - S reflects on the difficulties of long hours in the lab.

I think my contribution to this year's Super Bowl party - other than a venue - will be the UC cheesesteak. That's UC as in the hood, not the skool.

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