Storypost | 2012.02.19

Super Bowl party couch outdoor backyard couch squares

This year's Super Bowl party was probably the best so far. Since it's been cold, the original plan was to screen the game in the living room, but the cable line wasn't having any of it. Of course it was in the mid-eighties during the day so relocating the backyard wasn't a big deal.

Super Bowl party backyard swimming heated pool

The pool was 90 thanks to the new bubble cover. It was well-populated throughout the weekend. Sants and Dan flew in from the east coast to join the Bay, LA, and SD contingent. The game Peligro was invented.

Viking beanie barbecue bacon Super Bowl Party backyard

Santos brought his a-game to the unhealthy food competition.

thumbnail Super Bowl party Stone tap handle thumbnail Super Bowl party laughter thumbnail Super Bowl party viking hood
thumbnail Super Bowl party yawn
thumbnail Super Bowl party frozen pizza thumbnail Super Bowl party cozy dog
thumbnail Super Bowl party

Fantasy football Super Bowl awarding of the trophy backyard party

And JR might have won a trophy or something.

Ducati 848 Evo

Josh picked up an 848 Evo Corsa. Yum.

And tomorrow I'll be brewing a steam (as in Anchor-) beer. Not sure what to call it; Steamer Lane? Steamdrunk? Tijuana Steamer? IOSteam?


XLI II [r]

So yesterday was the Player's Sports Bar Super Bowl shindig. It was all you can eat, all you can drink for a modest $75. And in the event that either half's kickoff be returned for a touchdown, everyone would get their money back and ten g's would be ...


We watched the Super Bowl at Player's Sportsbar. Their all-you-can-eat deal ended up being free since one of the kickoffs was run back for a touchdown. Thank you Devin Hester.

All with one shoulder

Beware of this mother right here. With a little dew on the ground, the LJ Colony pergola makes Eau Rouge look like a casual stroll through the Ardennes. Yep, already had an off, and I just bought the thing.