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Beer homebew bottles Tijuana Steamer steam bear California common

Tijuana Steamer is bottled and conditioned. It turned out well. The math puts it somewhere around 6%, but it's quite smooth. Notable variations were the addition of about a pound of corn sugar to the wort. Reracked at one week, fermented for three.

Today I brewed Malk Stout(a milk stout), Steve did a honey wheat. Original gravity is 1.068, so not far off TJS. Did a pound of lactose, with some more to come when I rerack.

Kirkwood Village ski in ski out

This year's ski trip was to Kirkwood. Since things were a bit tricky last year, I went ahead and got a slopeside condo. No driving, no shoveling, no high centering, no digging.

thumbnail Tahoe ski turn thumbnail Tahoe snowboard jump thumbnail Tahoe snowboard Kirkwood thumbnail Tahoe Kirkwood cabin
thumbnail Tahoe Kirkwood cabin dinner

There wasn't much of a base, but we got snow the second day (as is tradition).

San Diego Fiesta Island dogs chau weimaraner lab

And a bit before that Kaf had Shar and Corona over for a couple days.

thumbnail Dog german shepard chau flowers thumbnail Dog wandering through flowers thumbnail Dogs leaping through flowers Fiesta Island thumbnail Dog Fiesta Island weimaraner thirsty thumbnail Dog Fiesta Island chau german shepard
thumbnail Dogs chasing thumbnail Dog resting in flowers Fiesta Island thumbnail Dog Fiesta Island weimaraner

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Kaf and Shar

The Petco Park suite and some pets at the park.


Some multiple exposure/flash fun at the park with the dog, Shar visits, and fantasy playoffs.

Snow, lots and lots of snow

Swapping HIDs into the VR4 and lots of powder in Tahoe.

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