Storypost | 2012.05.22

Left4Dead2 humvee zombies

J and I cleaned up well over 20,000 zombies last weekend. But they got me back, zombified my molar. No good. L4D2 is pretty excellent, it's remarkable how many z's they can send at you without melting the xbox. 4up would be epic.

Lost Rhino Brewery Virginia menu brews Icebreaker Imaginary Girlfriend

VA is getting microbreweries. Lost Rhino is good, Icebreaker is their best beer by far. A few too many Belgian hybrids for me. Also Fireworks gorgonzola pizza is not to be missed, even if they couldn't get an hd feed for the excellent UEFA finale.

And less recently there was a concert with Ty and some kickball.

thumbnail Kickball throw tag thumbnail Kickball composite kicking thumbnail Kickball dodge thumbnail Kickball running home
thumbnail Kickball pitch