Storypost | 2007.02.02

So the Pendleton Mud Run is coming up in five months. CS and KO have enlisted the resources of personal trainers. I prefer the old fashioned pathway to fitness - performance enhancing drugs. But I can't just sit on the couch and play Zelda letting the hormones turn me into Lance Armstrong, I have to benchmark myself every so often to gauge the quickness with which I effortlessly approach peak physical performance.

Hopefully this will take the form of a weekly sporting activity in the Mesa; last weekend we had a 4v4 football matchup. The highlight, of course, was Jon catching a football with his eye. A fairly extraordinary event, not because he injured himself, but because it was on the rebound from a tree placed conveniently in their end zone. Not only did the ball achieve the improbable by deflecting off the tree into his eye, but did so having originated fifty yards away where Bret clearly achieved the greatest kickoff in history.

Serious, I YouTubed The Play immediately afterwards. I said, 'After Bret's kickoff, this looks like a bunch of rhinos dooked partially-digested monkeys on a field and the monkeys are writhing toward one end of the field where there are a bunch of shiny dook monkeys.' Then I went to ebaums and found a video of a bunch of partially-digested dook monkeys on a field writhing toward one end of the field where there were a bunch of shiny dook monkeys. Exactly the same.


Ha ha ha. You would have won the grand prize on America's Funniest Videos. The Yeti strikes again!


Another exhausting weekend

Left to right: a bone, a flower, the Union Jack, a smiley, a Wario-style 'stache.


Trips to Oakland, OC, and some Paragon.

Football overload

Zac's ridiculously awesome parents hooked me up with a ticket to the Raiders-Niners game. I walked from the Balboa Bart station to Candlestick expecting to, at some point, come upon a sports bar. Alas there were countless dives, a park, and a gorgeous...