Storypost | 2007.06.11

Left to right: a bone, a flower, the Union Jack, a smiley, a Wario-style 'stache.
The Camp Pendleton (World Famous) Muuuuuud Ruuuuuun started bright and early at 9:00. We arrived much brighter and earlier at 6:30 because we are abnormally bright. It didn't feel great after the SAIC zoo event the night before, but hey, snakes on a plane.

The course included slimy hills, walls and tires, a sizeable lake crossing, and knee-deep mud pits (some for running, some for crawling). I was fairly certain I'd see Martin Sheen eerily rising from one of the pits, but maybe it just happened on Saturday.

Most teams stayed together. Being jerks, KO and I set our own pace. We got to the finish at 1:01:45 (he beat me).

As a team we we finished in 1:11:38, 13th of 151 (0:57:18), overall 41st of 285 (0:51:15) .
Photos courtesy of Connie.


Holy crap! What's Connie's body fat percentage these days??? She's my new idol!

Little Thingies

Yo SFS, why'd you paint a smiley on your face?

I am convinced the interesting smell wafting from the mud pits was urine.


The new ish

So the Pendleton Mud Run is coming up in five months. CS and KO have enlisted the resources of personal trainers. I prefer the old fashioned pathway to fitness - performance enhancing drugs. But I can't just sit on the couch and play Zelda letting th...

San Clemente State Beach

Cheryl booked us a coveted camp rv site in San Clemente.

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The 2015 Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run.