Storypost | 2007.06.11

Left to right: a bone, a flower, the Union Jack, a smiley, a Wario-style 'stache.
The Camp Pendleton (World Famous) Muuuuuud Ruuuuuun started bright and early at 9:00. We arrived much brighter and earlier at 6:30 because we are abnormally bright. It didn't feel great after the SAIC zoo event the night before, but hey, snakes on a plane.

The course included slimy hills, walls and tires, a sizeable lake crossing, and knee-deep mud pits (some for running, some for crawling). I was fairly certain I'd see Martin Sheen eerily rising from one of the pits, but maybe it just happened on Saturday.

Most teams stayed together. Being jerks, KO and I set our own pace. We got to the finish at 1:01:45 (he beat me).

As a team we we finished in 1:11:38, 13th of 151 (0:57:18), overall 41st of 285 (0:51:15) .
Photos courtesy of Connie.


Holy crap! What's Connie's body fat percentage these days??? She's my new idol!

Little Thingies

Yo SFS, why'd you paint a smiley on your face?

I am convinced the interesting smell wafting from the mud pits was urine.