Storypost | 2007.04.15

Played some tennis this morning.

Then Erik and I drove up to Forza to pick up a replacement oil cap. They were pretty awesome today; Forza and GP consistently bounce between impressing and disappointing me. We got to see a couple 1098s (shown). They're beautiful bikes. I could feel my wallet clutching the inside of my pocket.

Then we headed to 7th where the chop was pretty nasty. But Erik, KO, Jon, and Scotty came out so we paddled around and rode some ugliness.

PB after that, to catch up with Zac and company and play some whiffle ball. Santana's California burritos ensued. The PB waves were also windblown, but the furthest break was holding strong and not nearly as far out.

As spring becomes summer it will all about the clean breaks.

All parties involved became comatose at nineteen hundred and plans for karaoke were abandoned. But it was great not to see the inside of the office today.

The wrap up:


i like the red bike! you should get one of those and then give me rides.


You should get one and give me rides. We could take it to the track and blow those bastards away.

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