Review | 2007.04.15

Connie, Erik, and I took a ride up PCH to Swami's Cafe between tennis stints.

CS and EK.

CS jacked my camera and shot me nursing my tennis shoulder.

I had a chicken quesadilla. Very tasty, especially light for a meat/cheese-laden food item.

Connie's fruity something. I had a bite, tasted like my awesome smoothie.

Erik's fish tacos.


Why does WTF look so weird? It is like her aspect ratio is totally fucked up.


Yeah Kareem, that pincushion on point and shoot is out of control.

You're loving the point'n'shoot now, aren't ya? aren't ya??!!

we never did go for espresso! but double tennis session was fun. Why do I look so short next to Erik!?! Stop taking angled pictures! i'm not that short!