Review | 2008.06.24

Jon, J, and I watched the Aeon Flux Rifftrax. Such great commentary for such a terrible movie. If only we'd had the time to also do Over the Top.

So in super-awesome news, Nelson, Murphy, and Corbett are coming to San Diego to do Plan 9 From Outer Space live.
If you want in, let me know soon.

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A lack of focus

Truth: evaluative focus is complete rubbish. Stop using it, everyone. Anonymous Cohort 1 was about 50/50 for having cars in focus at the last autocross. Anonymous Cohort 2 shot yesterday and was about 30/70. More than one person in my photo class ha...

Movie night

Just a July 4 movie night at Arboles.

We are not who we appear to be

On Saturday my mechanically-inclined associates hosted a soiree in commemoration of Halloween.