Storypost | 2008.07.22

MGM Grand Las Vegas

Rosy's moving to Nebraska, so a trip to Vegas was in order.

Feathers in my cap Black eyes After the company zoo soiree I got Jes to promise to draw me a giraffe. She apparently got creative with the punctuation and drew me, a giraffe.

Gambling giraffe cartoon floosies

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Trips to Virginia, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Tuesday: plane - CDG - GVA - Lyon

Despite illness and loading up on all downers imaginable, I didn't get any sleep on the eleven hour trip from LAX to CDG. Jessica got ten minute dozes in, but wasn't able to get comfortable. What did wake us up was getting struck by lightning on the i...

Nightsurfing Part Trois

Lessons learned, lessons learned. One hitch fouled the shoot.

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Hex Session XX - Actual Play - "Kaleidoscope" - BEARDED DEVIL

Guy Maddin Day * DC's

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