Editorial | 2008.07.22

San Diego SCCA SCNAX autocross kart

Jalopnik has a fine article on the wonders of expensive gas with respect to auto enthusiasts. Basically:
On that last point, hilarity:

While this has a few boring side effects, fewer health-related deaths and lower health care costs, for example, the benefit to the driver is that your co-pilot is less likely to add sprung weight to your car. We're pretty sure it's the same reason Colin Chapman became a vegan and John DeLorean made sure all his women were coked-out anorexics.

I'm sure there are far more ins, outs, and what-have-yous than the five point brief covers. But it's certainly along the lines of conversations I've had with Erik and Connie spawned by reports of increased scooter sales.

I take no pride in saying I live in a hive of ignorant drivers, unnecessary traffic control, and terrible city planning. Perhaps five dollar gas combined with the cell ban will improve the situation marginally.

On a related note, I cruised by a hydrogen fuel station in Irvine the other day. A little preliminary research yielded the figures $5 for 70 miles in the new Honda hydro. Just don't smoke in it.

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