Storypost | 2019.02.17

Penasquitos Creek airquotes Waterfall foamy and gross

The weekend after skiing was the monthly-ish Gentleman's Beer Exploration Society event. Lead Explorer, Derrick, put together a serious expedition across an unexplored, primal canyon. The event included a hiking segment, an electric scooter segment, and a Lyft segment. Several days of rain put the expedition in peril, but at the last minute we decided to go for it.

Beer exploration Lime scooter

When we met at Derrick's place at the appointed time, he had already rounded up the Lime scooters for us. I can honestly say that those things are deathtraps - it's no wonder Jessica had so many scooter-related ICU patients. They're pretty quick, the brakes are garbage, the wheels are tiny, and the suspension bottoms out when you look at it wrong. But gentleman explorers are masters of primitive transportation and so we made it to the trailhead without incident.

Penasquitos Creek hike beer exploration poison oak hunting safety equipment

The next segment consisted of a trek across the canyon, over not-entirely-established routes. Taking rock washes instead of switch backs, we made extremely good time and were soon at the raging Penasquitos Creek.

Penasquitos Canyon crossing creek on log poison oak hunting

The river crossing was our most hazardous endeavor yet. If not for superior outdoorsmanship, we might have fallen in or been eaten by crocodiles.

Penasquitos Creek waterfall hike San Diego

The route took us down the creek where the Miramesa waterfall that was raging in its fullest glory - brown water and swirling foam.

Beer exploration hike poison oak canyon San Diego

Next came the simple, but ardous task of ascending into the tract homes of Carmel Mountain Valley Ranch Mesa Highlands or whatever.

Beer exploration Mason Aleworks

At last we reached Mason Aleworks and enjoyed good food and drink. The rain was beginning to come down as we grabbed a Lyft back. Instead of heading directly to Derrick's, we stopped back at our trusty scooters and rode them the final mile.

Penasquitos Canyon panorama San Diego

And so we completed our most ambitious expedition yet, without a trip to the ICU or incident of any kind.

Poison oak prescriptions

... well except for the gentlemen that needed steroids for the poison oak.

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