Storypost | 2024.06.04

Nickel Beer Company Julian patio

The Exploration Society did a family outing in Julian. And a few weeks before that, we made use of Gage's spare SD Wave tickets.

San Diego Wave match San Diego Wave stands popcorn
Not sunshine

Ticket to Ride Legacy negative score Ticket to Ride Legacy final score card spoilers

I pulled out a resounding victory in Ticket to Ride Legacy (right) despite having managed a negative score one round (left). I think prioritizing stocks made a big difference, as well as tactically oscillating between winner and loser.

Now we're playing Slay the Spire (the board game).

Bear Bunny Sloth Okapi having a picnic Chunkies paint sticks Reading Tintin Rackhams treasure Hot Wheels Mitsubishi 3000GT

I've restarted the deck project, so we've spent some recent weekends around the house.

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