Storypost | 2008.11.01

I read that the next Watchmen trailer can be seen at Quantum of Solace. Opening for Batman and James Bond, not too shabby. I was blown away by the first peek, and then slightly anxious when I read that Alan Moore didn't want any credit or money from the project. Further investigation (wiki) is more reassuring; apparently Moore hated the first screenplay written twenty years ago and then declared that the medium was not appropriate for his story. Cut and dried, his point is that only with comic books (/graphic novels) can the audience deliberate on the intricacies of each frame and reference previous moments with ease.

Well the film was made. With any luck the final adaptation resembles the second script, written by Solid Snake, which was regarded by Moore to be as close to 'filmable' as Watchmen can be.

Without a doubt Watchmen is very subtle and detailed in its dialog and imagery. The theatrical experience will be a much different one, perhaps replacing the brooding feeling with greater tension.

I cleared out the media room some. At center is the mst3k 20th anniversary box set.

I put the upstairs bathroom vanity in tonight. The granite top was a bit weighty, but I managed to not ding anything.

The shower was finished a little while ago. It's nice.

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Getting there

The 'rents came down this weekend. Mom bought me the taxadermed animal I wanted so badly.

Compromising admissions

The mirrors add light and space to the bathrooms. I can get away with the panels for the sides of the upstairs bathroom and all of the downstairs. I shudder to think of how much a custom 5' x 3' is going to run me for the main, upstairs piece.

A few errands later

I ventured into Ikea today. It's far from being my favorite place, their products are about the opposite of what I'm looking for. That is, stuff there tries to be uber-modern and rather low quality. But I was striking out on some things - mirrors in ...

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