Storypost | 2010.04.18

Weimaraner dog birthday cake eating

Kafka turned one on the fifteenth. He got an ad hoc cake and a hearty fear of lit candles.

Dog weimaraner birthday cake candle Dog weimaraner birthday cake candle Dog weimaraner birthday cake candle Dog weimaraner birthday cake candle

Even better, he spent a weekend with his platonic girlfriend Lola (sorry Olema, long distance relationships so rarely work out).

Dogs flowers weimaraner border collie

We took a trip to Fiesta Island, I entertained myself with the d700 while the dogs wandered about:

thumbnail Dog weimaraner yellow flowers thumbnail Dog weimaraner yellow purple flowers running thumbnail Dog tongue weimaraner
thumbnail Dog weimaraner yellow flowers tongue
thumbnail Dog weimaraner yellow flowers hunting thumbnail Dog weimaraner yellow flowers pointing thumbnail Dog weimaraner
thumbnail Dog tongue thumbnail Dog weimaraner thumbnail Dog weimaraner
thumbnail Dog yellow flowers thumbnail Dog weimaraner leaves

Ducati Desmosedici RR on street

On the way to Terramar I saw a dude on a Desmo RR (wasn't Tom Cruise [dude's feet can touch the ground]). It's tough to take a phone shot without swerving into a bike worth seventy bills. Nice to see it out on the road though.

Speaking of silly motorbikes, wtf Buell? Is it really smart to blow exhaust onto your tire and rear brake?

I've been a bit excessive with the cell camera. But it's yielded all sorts momentary imagery:

21st Amendment Firestone Walker Stone beer

Tasty, limited Stone that Harley brought me from his team's trip to the brewery.

My favorite Canadian's brother at KMB.

Classic car showroom

Will's family auto museum.

Husqvarna 54 mower

I bought a Husqy. It's not the one I expected to own, but it was impossible to pass up. It's pretty ideal for mowing the lower terrace, particularly on account of the stairs and its lightness.

So the next hot thing is going to be a hammock. It will be absolutely crucial to enjoying the summer. The key areas of research are location and material. I could do a big one from the house to the deck pillars or a smaller one between pillars. I could go with the classic cotton or look into newer, stretchier materials. This is important.

Alas, Blogger has decided to drop support for ftp (their engine, your domain) at the end of the month. So it looks like I'm going to have to do some perling before I can post again. Not this weekend. This weekend is recovery from getting wisdom teeth pulled. This weekend will be a vicodin-fueled adventure into Final Fantasy Ex Aye Aye Aye.

Title credit: Jes.

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