Storypost | 2011.05.20

Deck renovation replacement planks

The whole shebang this time. Remove, plane, and sand each board, then restain and screw back down. Hopefully the complete prep job will mean more longevity. If nothing else there will be no pokey nails or loose boards.

The green beams are for the new railing which will have a urethaned wood top and steel cables beneath.

Nikon lens coffee mug

KO found a f/2.8 24-70mm coffee mug. It's basically awesome.

Kegerator beer pour

The kegerator from Jeff now has Racer 5.

Ski gear snowboard bag helmet

The reflective ruby shield for the Exo-700.

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Removing the old, damaged railing.


Having brought in the railing to align with the support pillars, there was an extra bit of usable space around the edges of the deck. So I turned it into planters.

June 2011 is busy

E3 2011, deck work, and a shindig.

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