Storypost | 2012.07.04

Fireworks Independence Day long exposure dog glow collar

I spent most of the fourth getting the master bathroom ready for cement board. The cuts all worked out pretty well but when I went to the hardware store for roofing felt I came back with more projects. Bulbs for the cable lights, a concrete pier for the deck, chlorine granules for the pool, and rock for the planters. I wound down the afternoon weeding, painting, and rocking the planters.

Independence Day glowsticks field

That left just enough time to meet the comrades for fireworks.

Cenote dive Cancun Mexico cave

This is all on the heels of five days in Playa Del Carmen for Ryan and Ashlee's wedding. Jon, Ty, and I managed to sneak in a cenote dive with the local shop.

Cave diving is pretty unlike open water due to the darkness, close quarters, oh and a crazy thing called the halocline which actually photographs okay. But it's not to be missed.

thumbnail Cenote dive Cancun Mexico surface jungle thumbnail Cenote dive Cancun Mexico warning sign grim reaper thumbnail Cenote dive Cancun Mexico stalactites thumbnail Mexico Cancun cenote dive unerwater cavern stalactites thumbnail Mexico Cancun cenote dive unerwater cavern stalactites
thumbnail Cenote dive Cancun Mexico darkness thumbnail Halocline cenote dive Cancun Mexico thumbnail Cenote dive Cancun Mexico roots underwater cavern

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