Storypost | 2013.03.17

Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run 2013 flying red team

Okay, so my domain expired and I didn't renew it quick enough. When this happens they want $150 more so I just let it really expire and then re-registered, and did so through my host so that's nice. But I'm back, so let's see...
Ty bought a Triumph

Triumph Bonneville long exposure dismounting night

It's an ought-something Bonneville, which is basically a Thruxton. Getting it back from Tierrasanta was no fun due to rain, but other than that it's been a good time. We did a Del Dios ride and a cafe ride with Erik and Ian, in which I indicated just how much I trust zip ties. They didn't disappoint though now I wish I had also rigged a flash.

Triumph Bonneville San Diego freeway

thumbnail Triumph riding streets slow shutter thumbnail Triumph riding slow shutter freeway thumbnail Cafe motorcycle thumbnail Triumph road
thumbnail Triumph riding highway slow shutter

The second ride ended the way you might expect when a Duc and Triumph are involved. On the plus side it was (apparently) just some janky headlight wiring that plagued the Briton.

STM cone oil breather Ducati 900 Supersport

Speaking of wrenching, I recently swapped out the oil breather on the Duc. The change seems to have mitigated a heat issue and hopefully will solve a vapor issue. The old one had a lot of creamy buildup. I guess I'm going with red accents now since the spark plug wires are, the STM breather and filter are, and the oil filler cap is.
Super Bowl weekend

Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run 2013 capes 49ers Conan

It was a full weekend, starting with the second annual Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run. This year's event was considerably more organized than last year, and we even managed to put together football-oriented capes.

Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run 2013 Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run 2013 Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run 2013 Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run 2013

House party dogs love sacs couches beer pong Super Bowl

The Super Bowl party wasn't too different from previous years, an all-day food and drink event culminating with the 9ers almost-comeback. Viewing was in the living room since it got chilly in the afternoon.

House party House party bulgogi House party
Ty's departure

Making sausages party lei kitchen

And Ty has left San Diego. Something about a research opportunity and a love of spam. Well, he had quite a few going away events, including a house party where he cooked breakfast and then burgers.

House party House party House party House party

The Smiths are next up, leaving San Diego for SF.

I managed to get in two ski trips this winter, torn mcl be damned. The first was a ho-hum free work trip to Snow Summit. For the second I met the SF folks and went to Northstar.
North Carolina

Sooo... there isn't really much to say except:
* So long story long, clt->iad was delayed because the commuter flight didn't have an available pilot. That meant I missed iad->smf and had to do iad->sfo and arrive at 23:00. At 01:30 I checked into the San Mateo hotel could only arrange upon arrival at sfo (at midnight the United customer service desk is where it's happening). At 05:30 I checked out of the San Mateo hotel to make my 06:40 sfo->smf. Of course this commuter flight didn't have a pilot either so we left after 08:00 and I was rather late to a fairly important event.


Cape Run

The 2016 Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run.


The first Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run.

Cape run

The 2015 Blind Lady Ale House Cape Run.