Storypost | 2021.06.13

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Lumber wood 1x4 2x2 redwood construction stain application paint sprayer

The Kevin Smith's Ankle Memorial Palapa has also received the apt nickname The Baby Stable. With the supporting structure built, the wall and roof materials arrived.

1x4 fence bracket horizontal mount

In a projectwide effort to minimize wood-screwed-into-wood, I bought and prepped 1x4 mounting brackets for the walls and Simpson RTU2 2x connectors for the roof.

Lumber wood 1x4 redwood construction

Once again I pulled out the paint sprayer for the 250+ pieces of redwood that arrived by flatbed. While the structural pieces are pressure treated, for these prettier planks it made sense to use clear(ish) Cabot stain.

Lumber wood 2x2 staining redwood construction

Since the stain absorbs pretty quickly, I worked out a system for applying to 2x2-12s without requiring insane amounts of space. Spray, wait, turn, spray. Each layer could then be leaned against the joists to dry. The 'wait' bit was actually spraying 1x4s in groups of six.

Lumber wood joist tape veranda Trex

The structural pieces are somewhat visible from the deck and top terrace, but in the interests of longevity, I applied Trex joist tape to take the brunt of the sun and rain.

Construction veranda 2x2 roof plum line

For the roofing, I figured I'd do a very plum first row of 2x2s and offset the rest with a spacing template.

Lumber wood 1x4 2x2 stained roof redwood construction

It should look pretty good when all is said and done.
Memes surge and the battle for the soul of WSB continues

_Jellyfisher_Jellyfisher Going through [the daily] thread is like walking through a bazaar and everyone shouting at you at once to buy a rug or a necklace or a fish...

WSB has two things in abundance:
Cool cool cool cool.

The sub's signal-to-noise has tanked like a SPY put. What's worse, the bots upvote each other so you can't even sort by quality. Mods finally implemented a few reactionary measures, moving popular tickers to a megathread and banning the word 'squeeze'. It's more a symptom of Reddit's larger authenticity problem, but it's allowed *some* good material to poke through.

WallStreetBets Reddit ChartExchange crayon candles

... like crayon candles and advice on hallucinogen consumption during trading.

Ok_Kangaroo55Ok_Kangaroo55 Word to the wise: do not eat mushrooms during market hours and assume you can see the future.

Stonks chat

Chat buy dip AMC BB meme stock

On the blue-check-verified trading chat, I think Zac and Kevin are mostly just watching LTNC move between $0.00001 and $0.00003.

BlackBerry BB COIN Coinbase positions bagholding covered calls

I'm still doing my thing; selling calls on meme stonks, betting on energy, and bagholding Coinbase in the hopes that covered calls get me back to even.

SaltyBrotatoChip SaltyBrotatoChip Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions
A little more socializing

Photo collage party

With the gradual demise of covid, Gage had a birthday party, KO met me for beers, and Danielle ate a caterpillar and touched a Starbucks cup with confidence.

You just want me to get fired so you have a live-in nanny Rob
Haha imagine.
I'd be a great nanny
Slaps kid's hood* you can fit so many cheeseburgers in this thing
That's not... I can't...



The veranda gets artificial grass and is finally complete.


CPI Friday, asset-backed loans, and more indieweb.

This is fine

A few rabbit holes regarding the current state of real estate and Meme Lorde himself.