Gallerypost | 2021.08.01

House kickback hangout kitchen Groovy Ghoulies Ilford HP5 contact sheet film

I replaced my old Canon scanner with a new LIDE400. The old one was photography grade but mid-tier; it had a backlit insert for negatives and slides. No longer, it looks like the unassuming LIDE400 is Canon's top model. Flatbed scanners aren't great for negatives and slides anyway.

Baby feet paint Fathers Day card

The impetus was to have a scanner for the various works of artistic loved ones. Having modern OCR didn't seem like a bad idea either. To my delight, autocrop (in addition to - dating myself - single pass scanning) saves a lot of time. Since I had another reason to dig into the film/print archive, I did a little sorting, house cleaning, and scanned interesting ones along the way. Here are some.
An ode to film

Couch hangout Dominos
[15+ years ago] I guess I was toting the FM3A? Pizza and good times following graduation.

Triangle grain Fresno hat trucker hipster
[17+ years ago] I-5 souvenirs are second only to being done with the I-5 drive.

Surf surfing film photo water cloudy
[17+ years ago] The early days when we had just gotten Erik into surfing. I think I took a disposable underwater camera out.

Surf surfing waiting wave film photo
[17+ years ago] More underwater point and shoot.

Surf surfing break lounging board
[17+ years ago] I handed the camera off to Rob(?) and kicked back on the new board purchase.

College apartment bedroom messy long exposure
[17+ years ago] This is a Rob signature style so it's either him or me copying his style.

Desk college apartment messy 2000s old polaroid hat
[18+ years ago] A Rob polaroid of programming assignments as we did them in the good old days. The hat was an Alaska purchase, not neckbearding before it was cool. Also notice the web cam and HP Journada.

Concert crowd
[18+ years ago] Check out those jeans and Vans. Probably Rob with the SLR; he knew how to move through a concert crowd in those days.

Party kickback monochrome black and white
[19+ years ago] I this is from my N80 days. Black and white film, friends, neglected programming assignments.

Girl depth of field monochrome focus
[20+ years ago] Learning focus with my first manual body.

High school tennis tournament waiting
[20+ years ago] A tennis tournament, way back when. Not sure who shot it, most of the team is in the frame. Jimmy?

Star Wars exhibit R2D2 C3PO
[30+ years ago] This is as far back as it goes. My pit fighting days. I thrashed those pansy droids in three rounds. Wait, does pit fighting have rounds? My story is falling apart. In actuality I burned my hands on a spotlight while waiting in line to see the Star Wars exhibit.



A film/slide/digital portrait session.


The swell's a'comin'. Erik, Matt, and I went out to Fletcher's for some surf n' shoot. Then got pho with the White Lambda who stumbled into my large, empty house.

Saturday headache

Windy day, bright sun in the wrong spot. But if you have access to a nice lens, why not?