Storypost | 2024.01.06

Safari West zebras

The holidays have come and gone, here's what they looked like.

Safari West lemurs or meerkats or racoons or whatever Safari West jeeps Safari West white rhinos juvenile
Safari West Safari West deer or antelope or gemsbok or whatever Safari West giraffe Safari West flamingos

Jes, Dani, and I had a pleasant time up north - family, food, wine, Pandemic Season 2, and a lap of Safari West.

Large bubble at birthday party Fingerpainting Watching PJ Masks by the fire

In sunny SoCal there've been birthday parties, fingerpainting, and a few cozy nights by the fire. Today I stopped by Boneyard to take a couple of backlit shots of a surf lesson.

Surf surfing San Diego Boneyard Boneys backlit silhouette Surf surfing San Diego Boneyard eject

Dark Tower board game

The board game crew played a couple of rounds of Return to Dark Tower. I was excited about the game since my parents had a copy of the original when I was young and I never actually played it. The base game is... meh. Introducing randomness via a large mechanized tower is cool enough but there's not much decisionmaking to be found; you just take the obvious action every turn. Mark says the expansions provide more game but, well, Santa brought me Ticket to Ride Legacy and Arkham Horror TCG.

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Above-average Wednesday

A mega-gallery from Black's Beach during a nice swell.


Shots from a few San Diego spots during the recent swell.


Taking the 500mm out to Seascape with some buddies.

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