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Stable Diffusion year 2023
What Stable Diffusion thinks 'Year 2023' looks like.

Here's what got clicks in 2023.



ODST is Halo's darker, more stylistic installment. It plays about the same, though they tried to do maps and objectives. Since each of these campaigns is maybe 8-12 hours, they are thoroughly enjoyable even without major gameplay additions.

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2.Charging on January 6th

Couldn't resist with that title. Photo conditions today were a bit challenging. Even at low tide, the break was pretty far out. The inside waves were also tall and mushy enough to occlude a lot of the action and throw mist on the rest. I stopped over at Scripps after Black's but the wind had killed it. I cropped the bottom of most of these.

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3.Michael Bay area

The PUBG video editor: basics and best practices.

I have a sound card. I guess that's not normal anymore, but out of habit I bought one for my last pc build. I'm happy with it. It has a leet red led and also 'Scout Mode' which (I think) is just an eq setting to amplify footsteps. While I like hearing enemies like the pros, I suspect having a sound card is the source of audio being all screwed up when I export a replay.

The basics: the replay editor is under 'Career'. The default mode is view-only, 'J' key gives you a timeline to hop around. If you press 'Edit' it will bring up camera controls and the like.

Blue circle:

The red circle highlights a slider that controls timeline zoom. For our purposes, find your battle with the timeline zoomed out, then drag this slider to the right (I mostly have it at 3/4ish) so you can navigate your battle's timeline with higher precision.

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4.Cape run

The BLAH Cape Run returned this year.

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5.Feature request

I implemented a new feature for this site, the footer of each new post is going to have three of these guys:

Minor detail: I don't show them in full-month view to keep things a bit cleaner. Autogenerating sneak peeks of other posts felt kind of dirty since that's what all the commercialized sites do, but it helps with navigating similar subjects.

You may have noticed that I just mentioned a feature but my post title is "Feature request". We've now arrived at that part. I want to do the post preview thing I just mentioned, but with other websites, especially from the so-called indieweb.

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6.Graphic art

Look, I haven't followed baseball since the strike and I hate all those sites that steal content from the Jalponiks and Reddits of the world. But here is some baseball content stolen from Reddit cause, like, it was funny and I learned cool A's facts.

Also, funny comments deserve recognition, looking at you /u/Ted_Dongelman. I just wish the /r/baseball crowd had set up their avatars so the quotes below didn't look so lifeless. (I re-scrape every time I generate the page, so maybe in the future they will populate).

Sure, they aren't the most bearlike bears, but they strangely seem to capture the national zeitgeist:

I'm not going to post the cropped Braves logo, it's plenty visible at the top of this post. Instead, here's the NFL version.

Before italics and boldface were a thing, people used quotation marks for emphasis. Or something, all I know is that it's hilarious that they put quotes around "The Pirates".

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7.The humans are dead

I was at the grocery store the other day getting squeezies and more squeezies. At the checkout I inserted my card to pay and, as usual, the screen flashed some messages like "Insert your card", "Keep your card inserted", "Please don't remove card", "Okay you can remove it now".

There was a time when I'd see "Keep your card inserted" flash over to some other message and pull my card out, assuming the thing had processed. What else would the next message be for? Oh yes, to tell me to leave my card in the reader but using different words. That's always miserable because you need to have the cashier invalidate the transaction and do the whole thing over again.

Thank you, that's all for tonight, I'll be here all week.

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