Storypost | 2023.05.28

PUBG Battlegrounds Erangel bridge C4 explosion UAZ

An explosively quick update.
NVDA share price explosion

Crypto bro youtube video gold rush fomo

The last few months have been an opportunity for businesses to reflect on some things. For non-FAANG companies, the question is, "how do I use AI to save/make money?". For FAANG, the question is been, "do I own the AI platform people will use to save/make money?". The real winner is the company that monopolizes data center AI, and it shows:

NVDA after hours earnings CNBC

Dalle, Stable Diffusion, and the various GPT applications are pretty impressive but more limited than they would seem. Still, it's unfair to bundle AI's hype with that of blockchain, web3, the metaverse, and crypto.
Explosions of flowers

Little Miss Brewing patio Stalin

Mom came down for a fun weekend of wheelbarrow rides and a GBES trip to Black Plague and Little Miss.
Mining (with explosions)

Deep Rock Galactic board game

Having finished Gloomhaven, the office crew has completed a few Deep Rock boardgame drops. It's been pretty easy so far, but I like how they've captured important elements of the video game.
Explosions quite literally (virtually)

PUBG Battlegrounds Erangel bridge C4 explosion UAZ

New to PUBG:
We almost pulled off a timed C4 detonation on a team driving across the bridge.

PUBG Battlegrounds glider Stalber ghillie PUBG Battlegrounds Erangel bridge top camp PUBG Battlegrounds clan creation PUBG Battlegrounds blue chip tower PUBG Battlegrounds Erangel bridge C4

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Three short clips from recent PUBG matches.

Battle royale

PUBG hijinks.

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