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Far Cry 6 Danny Trejo tacos grill machete tacos especiale de Danny
Far Cry 6: Danny and Dani

So other than progressing plot and content, I don't expect to have much to add to my initial take on Far Cry. Well, except a surprise visit from Danny-f'in-Trejo.

Far Cry 6 Danny Trejo tacos shop

Yep, Trejo appears as himself, preparing to open a taco shop in Yara. He needs Dani's help to keep the corrupt Yaran FDA from stealing his delicious taco recipe. It's a solid 20 minutes of shooting and laughing. At the end of it you get Danny's sweet motorcycle with a minigun sidecar.

Other stuff:
thumbnail Far Cry 6 Danny Trejo machete thumbnail Far Cry 6 ATV race runway thumbnail Far Cry 6 coop tower helicopter fuck climbing thumbnail Far Cry 6  Legends of 67 phone waterfall
thumbnail Far Cry 6 Danny Trejo shotgun combat taco raid thumbnail Far Cry 6 Words Like Bullets Viviro tour thumbnail Far Cry 6 Chicharron graffiti water tower
thumbnail Far Cry 6 fishing caught fish thumbnail Far Cry 6 Viviro tour murder
thumbnail Far Cry 6 Bicho drunk park bench helicopter

Usual stuff around the homestead. I'm one panel and one door away from just needing to finish the roof and clean up the stucco before I can have turf put in. After I power wash it and give it another coat of sealer. Yes, I was intending to say "just about done" and realized mid-sentence that there's plenty more to do. I left the sentence run-on and confusing for effect.

Super People Beta

Super People map drop helicopters

The PUBG crew decided to give the ill-named Super People beta a try. I think it's by someone currently or previously involved in PUBG? It's a similar-looking battle royale with mostly the same weapons and a lot of shared sprites/models.

Super People class firearms expert

But like other competitive games, Super People uses character classes that (thankfully) aren't heroes with stupid intro animations. They each have a preferred weapon (so you can love or hate the encouraged use of the entire arsenal), abilities that are unlocked via experience (within the round), and an ultimate (like forcefield, nuke, and teleport).

Super Peeople green capsule

Experience is gained via survival, probably kills, and nomming on colorful capsules.

Super People player loadout tutorial

The loadouts are similar to PUBG - two primaries and a sidearm, helmet/vest/backpack, and an array of meds and throwables. Weapons now have rarity and you can collect crafting items to upgrade them on the fly.

Super People tutorial nuke super

We haven't played a ton (or megaton amirite???), but I can see the ults either making engagements either more fun or more brutal when you're facing try-hard teams.

Super People game Super People game minigun Super People game jeep warehouse
ME3 Act I, From Ashes, Leviathan

Mass Effect 3 Legendary Jack Cerberus mech

Act I

Mass Effect 3 Legendary system cluster map reapers war assets

ME3 has the most improved busywork. In ME1 you collected stuff by driving around empty-ish maps. In ME2 you point-scanned the entire surface of every planet. In ME3 you can ping sections of star systems to collect the progression currency, war assets. But after a few pings the Reapers show up and it turns into a rather silly game of Pac Man.

Mass Effect 3 Legendary Miranda

Last time I played the series, it was at the pace of the game releases and without most of the DLC. This time around, the character reappearances trigger more than vague memories. They're not all awesome (ahem, Miranda) but it's nice to see where everyone's story arc has led.

thumbnail Mass Effect 3 Legendary side quest city Liara Shepard apartments thumbnail Mass Effect 3 Legendary Garrus turian black widow thumbnail Mass Effect 3 Legendary Garrus Liara conversation thumbnail Mass Effect 3 Legendary Shepard cerberus headshot gore fire
thumbnail Mass Effect 3 Legendary docking bay D24 asari human Normandy Citadel thumbnail Mass Effect 3 Legendary Garrus turian assault rifle firing thumbnail Mass Effect 3 Legendary reapers prothean city flashback
thumbnail Mass Effect 3 Legendary derelict collector ship thumbnail Mass Effect 3 Legendary Liara SurKesh garden asari
thumbnail Mass Effect 3 Legendary Shepard rachni queen

From Ashes

From Ashes introduces the cryo-frozen Prothean Javik as a squadmate. He brings a bunch of lore with him - basically that the hallowed Prothean civilization was actually more of a brutal empire. The reality check causes some refreshingly-unexpected dialogue as Liara struggles with her archaeological fangirlism. But then Javik delivers the real reason that Prothean history took this shape, it's a heavy-handed way to say, "the moral of the story is that diversity provides strength".

Mass Effect 3 Legendary Eden Prime view apartments Mass Effect 3 Legendary Liara omnitool pistol Eden Prime


I haven't finished Leviathan, but read somewhere that it digs even deeper into the history (origins?) of the Reapers. A stealthy Reaper-killer sounds kind of cool though it ultimately won't impact the Space Kid finale.

Mass Effect 3 Legendary leviathan mind controlled npcs Mass Effect 3 Legendary leviathan Shepard black widow reload explosion Mass Effect 3 Legendary leviathan Shepard banshees asari combat
The rug pull

From last time:

This was kind of fun:
- Buy OIH (via cash secured put) with a cost basis of $181.
- Monday morning, with OIH at $188 and the potential for more red, sell an ITM $183 call for a few hundo.
- If OIH stays ITM, I'm out with some profit. If OIH dips a bunch, I keep the premium and am holding at a decent entry price.

On Friday OIH closed at 182.81. Just barely OTM for the poor call holder.

I'm not celebrating, futes and Asian markets are looking bleak.

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