Storypost | 2021.12.29

Collage Christmas xmas 2021 covid seltzer in place hookers and blow train

We decided to go to NorCal for xmas this year.

Since Amtrak finally connected SLO to the Bay Area without a bus, we booked a sleeper car for the trip up. I'm not sure if Amtrak made rooms more affordable or if holiday plane fares finally made the train comparatively reasonable.

It was meant to be a twelve hour trip from LA Union Station to Jack London, but sadly the train hit someone and we didn't get in until pretty late. The room was comfortable enough and Dani did great.

Los Angeles Union Station lounge Amtrak Pacific Starlight bedroom car Los Angeles snacks Amtrak Pacific Starlight station Santa Barbara train rain

It was nice to see family for Christmas. Danielle met a lot of new people, including her great-grandmother, uncle, someday-bff Julia, and various farm animals. Grown-up activities included progress on Pandemic Season 2 and some wine tasting.

We flew back, worried about the surge in omicron cases. Flying with the little one was a little easier, but under normal circumstances I would be equally fine with going by train.

Uncle Ted's view is pretty nice.

Veranda pergola patio enclosure

The front wall is on and materials have been ordered for the door and rest of the roof.

Sourworks Brewery La Mesa

And we stopped by Sourworx to wish Ryan a very happy 40th.


Crisis averted

Spoilery roundoup of Pandemic Legacy Season 0.

Tuesday: GVA - AMS - LAX

Tuesday we returned the rental car and had a bunch of time to kill in the not-super-comfortable Geneva airport.

Saturday: Rayol - Nice - Paris

Rayol Canadel to Paris via Nice.