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Layover airport 3DS waiting Nintendo

Tuesday we returned the rental car and had a bunch of time to kill in the not-super-comfortable Geneva airport.

KLM sky high magazine really

Our return journey started with a short flight to Amsterdam. KLM seems to really embrace the dutch thing. The international depatures terminal at AMS was quite a bit less pleasant than even GVA.

Amtrak Los Angeles travel

After a long day of travel we were at last back in the States, where it was a simple rush hour Lyft to get to a train that arrived forty minutes late.

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Our departure was out of LAX so we had the option of driving and leaving a car or taking the train to Union Station and then Lyfting to the airport. Neither was a very exciting option but since we were looking at many hours of airplanes it seemed like t...

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Despite illness and loading up on all downers imaginable, I didn't get any sleep on the eleven hour trip from LAX to CDG. Jessica got ten minute dozes in, but wasn't able to get comfortable. What did wake us up was getting struck by lightning on the i...


E3 2002.

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Riding the High-Speed Brightline Train from Miami to Orlando - Aaron Parecki

It was 11am at the Fort Lauderdale airport, an hour after my non-stop flight to Portland was supposed to have boarded. As I had been watching our estimated departure get pushed back in 15 minute increments, I finally received the dreaded news over the loudspeaker - the flight was cancelled entirely. As hordes of people started lining up to rebook their flights with the gate agent, I found a quiet spot in the corner and opened up my laptop to look at my options.

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