Storypost | 2019.04.09

Charles De Gaulle airport layover

Despite illness and loading up on all downers imaginable, I didn't get any sleep on the eleven hour trip from LAX to CDG. Jessica got ten minute dozes in, but wasn't able to get comfortable. What did wake us up was getting struck by lightning on the initial descent into Paris. The plane lit up and everything shook very briefly.

Geneva to Lyon.

France motorway Geneva Lyon Citroen

We had a brief layover at De Gaulle before we boarded another AirFrance flight to Geneva where we eventually found the France side Alamo car rental and headed down the motorway toward Lyon.

France Rhone River Lyon bridge

Our hotel was on the Rhone right by the city park. The park was a great place to stroll and contemplate flowers and geese and jet lag.

France Lyon Terasse St Clair wine menu dining

For dinner we walked across the Rhone to Terasse St Clair for a great bistro dinner and my favorite wine from the entire trip, the Crozes-Hermitage from Cave de Tain.

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Tuesday: GVA - AMS - LAX

Tuesday we returned the rental car and had a bunch of time to kill in the not-super-comfortable Geneva airport.

Saturday: Rayol - Nice - Paris

Rayol Canadel to Paris via Nice.

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