Review | 2007.06.01

First impressions (midnight until two last night)...

Career Mode
Most players, however, are going to want to jump into Career Mode, which is going to let you start out as a hip young cop, sent undercover with your partner, a reformed street thug, to infiltrate a band of highway pirates and their gritty, underworld street-racing empire. Along the way, you'll learn about life, love, and what it means to be a man.

Well, that's all entirely false, except for the part about you being a cop. Well, OK, that's a lie too. In Career Mode, you're going to start out with nothing but a small war chest of cash, and absolutely no cars at all. In order to start working your way up through the ranks of the international racing elite, you're going to have to start small.


you bet he was! although, dispite his lack of disicpline (which i attribute to his cocky youth attitude, even though he's not a youth no more) he did perform above par. good going cr.

Is this what you were doing the night before our team run?