Storypost | 2007.12.19

So there's the front turbo. And I put the HID assembly on the Duc (thanks to Connie). The bulb replacement was exact, the ballast was easily tucked in front of the gauge cluster. It's whiter, brighter, and uses something like 35W versus 55W. So a HID headlight + LEDs everywhere else = ten times the spark and more boooooooost. But anyway, I'm a fan of the HIDs, the vr4 will be next. Maybe even rearrange the electrical so I run four low-beams from the headlights and a high-beam from the fog lamps.

In other news I find it hard to be not stoked about the studio caving and signing Peter Jackson to produce the Hobbit movies. The Hobbit always appealed to me more than the trilogy in much the same way cookie dough ice cream appeals to me more than chocolate chip ice cream. The trilogy is without a doubt the more grandiose, epic prose that is a homage to and improvement upon centuries of Western literature. The Hobbit is a very modest, approachable tale of treasure hunting, rather than heroism, and suspense rather than predestination.
Oh and a dragon. Dragons kick ass.

I never thought civilization's demise would come at the hands of my peers, but Erik could be on to something here.

When our generation retires the worst computer viruses of all time will run rampant. The old are the only people with more time on their hands than the pre-driving age social outcasts that manufacture most of the spyware and worms that plague us today.

Beats the hell out of bingo. I can't wait to be listless and devious.

On the subject of quotations, it looks like it's time to transpose my all-time favorite text messages. Going to be getting a new phone soon and I would hate to lose the gems I've been sent in years past. Of course to protect the innocent I won't divulge any names so if you're reading this and you're also not me or the quotee you really won't have any context. If you've been immortalized here, congratulations. If you haven't, I am very disappointed in your ability to produce one-liners.

Who let the dogs out?...woof...woof woof woof woof

Cute. Definitely cute.

Alas i don't have barf messanging service.

This one came from an exchange while I was at a concert with the author's boyfriend. That's pretty much how it's been the seven years I've known her, I say something foul, she bemusedly tolerates it.

Don't ever antagonize the horn!

An erudite reference from my most well-read acquaintance. Sure he'll quote Simpsons, Futurama, Arrested Development, and a host of movies, but he can even drop Pynchon on you from a party in the wee hours of the morning.

I had to drop a deuce and I think I fell asleep on it

This was one of a series of messages that, taken alone, suggests my friend slept on his own feces. In actuality 'it' refers to a toilet, which tells you something about how his night went.