Infopost | 2008.03.18

Ty downloaded some more tracks for Rock Band. My aspirations of rocking out to War Pigs were at last realized.

I recently made three gentlemanly wagers. The stakes for each was a four pack of Boddingtons.
I was reading Thomas Hawk's blog, he's a good photographer with some worthwhile opinions.

I look at my photography like this. When I make an image it belongs to me. It belongs to me while I take the photo. It belongs to me while it sits in my camera. It belongs to me while I process it on my Mac. It belongs to me while I let it sit in an archive folder waiting to be uploaded to the internet.

At the risk of sounding chiding, this is an amusing example of the Apple demographic. So subtle, but so telling that he drops the brand name amidst so many pronouns. He even dismisses the opportunity to drop his Canon/Nikon partisanship.

Great allegory though.

More enjoyable text messages:

Up from a triple sell to a don't buy!

I was close to thinking about finding that marginally amusing, but then stopped and resolved to consider the implications of my crapping on your bed.

I bought Ferrari shoes, yeah, I'm that guy now.

Say goodbye to your tagalongs!

I figured your missed Lost because you were too busy playing Hello Kitty Adventure Island.


the last photo looks like erik from halloween. he did a pretty good impersonation...


Bring on the band aids

We finally got on the bandwagon. Hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah. Apologies, sore tendons makes me giddy. Rock Band is basically Forza with instruments instead of a wheel. It takes practice, patience, and you really can't compete...

Spoken II

My challenge has been met, well met:


Initial thoughts on Starcraft II.I and photographing paintball from the trenches.