Infopost | 2008.04.09

Great success: second place in the bracket, 120 wingwangs.

I'll download the xbox from my car this afternoon so Ty doesn't die of withdrawl - granted it'll be at 22:00 when the last baseball game ends. Also we can get Still Alive for free.
Kevin, you HOs must have Orange Box. I bet we could beat Portal in an evening. Ty might need some hints cause skientists tend to lack the critical thinking engineers take for granted.
You'll see me again when Fire Emblem is vanquished, that's how I roll with rpgs (20-sided).
Won't you technically upload the xbox from your car? And what does the rest of your email mean? I'll tell you how I interpreted it: Ty
You are going to the Padres game, you want Kevin to bring home a redhead's [ahem], for some reason being Portal is tractable in a four hour timeframe, and despite all this you will not be around due to dorking out on your glorified chess game.
I needs clarification.
Ty wrong as always. Kevin
He is downloading the xbox from the car to the house. It makes more sense. The car has the xbox in it to serve and the house is going to download it. Anyway Chis is not going to a baseball game, he is just commenting on how Ryan and I watch the Padres game downstairs so you can't play Rock Band until its over.
Then he is asking me if I have Orange Box at work. Orange Box is a game compilation for the 360 that contains five games made by Valve (a video game company). One of them being Portal which is a puzzle game that Chris believes we can beat in a night. He is also saying you would suck at it cuz you're not a good critical thinker cuz you just look at water all day.
Finally he says he will be locked in his room until he finishes the RPG game hes been playing. He concludes with a clever RPG pun using the word 'roll'. See video game RPGs evolved from tabletop RPGs like D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) are usually associated with different sided dice that were 'rolled' to help figure out game events that involve chance.


Spoken II

My challenge has been met, well met:

Bret and Courtney's party

The lovely couple hosted an engagement party. Excellent food, excellent company. Lots of people doing their best to look goofy for the camera (on account of the copious giggle-water).

Odds and ends

Ty downloaded some more tracks for Rock Band. My aspirations of rocking out to War Pigs were at last realized.