Storypost | 2010.01.01

Weimaraner dog hill

I took a brief trip to NorCal. Ted's place is looking good, too bad he can't decide on a railing.

Weimaraner dog riding bobcat

Jon's place has a nice-looking concrete pad and some derelict steel girders. We'll see what happens.

Weimaraner bone Christmas presents

Kaf got a truckload of rawhides and pig ears, but didn't get the chew toy he most wanted. He slept the whole ten hour drive back.

Food meat prime rib slicing

Food was the focus. Deeeeelish. If the above image doesn't turn you into a vegetarian then you're not a pansy.

The annual football game didn't go so well for the noble d'Brickashaw d'Brawlers. It wasn't a shutout, but it wasn't pretty.

Christmas tree Scrabble fireplace long exposure

Everything's pretty quiet back down south. Jes painted a Serengetiscape that currently resides on the mantle.


Yes, Nyla bones are much better and safer for the pets.

what's that on kaffe's back foot???!!