Storypost | 2011.03.23

Cansecwest 2011 SMS o Death presentation

Went to Cansecwest in Vancouver. Everybody uses fuzzing for everything, Kaminsky gives great talks, RIM had sad faces, and the MS kids think they're scientists.

The non-intellectual highlight was the Tronapalooza party. I got some Bubble Bobble in, some Iron Man Ivan Stewart's Off Road, Road Blasters, Area 51, and ... well ... GT5. The latter had four adjacent wheel setups, but alas they weren't linked so I couldn't challenge the Italian dudes who were racing Nurburgring. The only drawback to the evening was when a conference staffer told me I looked like I was in sales.

Cansecwest 2011 Vancouver security conference hotel Cansecwest 2011 Vancouver security conference party stage Cansecwest 2011 Vancouver security conference party Cansecwest 2011 Vancouver security conference party playstation

Not a whole lot otherwise. F1 is starting again so you should come watch on Sunday, Pirelli could make this season look like Daytona.

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