Preview | 2011.07.12

Weimaraner love sac media room

Since my MovieSac is so excellent, I ordered a pair of GamerSacs for the media room.

Media room Love Sacs happy dog weimaraner

I rearranged the room a bit so the couch no longer occludes the stationary part of the sliding glass door. Now this space can remain clear or be used for seating with the mere flip of a sac.

Since the whole county has felt like the inside of a sack for the past couple weeks, the media room has been the only refuge from the heat. I took the liberty of running the 5.1 wires across the ceiling, it looks marginally better than running them up the walls. And now I have some permanent rca wires in the wall so un/rewiring the xbox and wii aren't such a pain.

Laguna Seca MotoGP 2011 motorcycle race passes

Laguna passes arrived. Tented suite, complimentary breakfast, open bar, paddock passes...

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Grand prix

The 2011 Red Bull Grand Prix at Laguna Seca.


It's going to be a great spring and summer. After the Kevin trip and wedding there's e3. And plenty of surfing and diving in between.

Construction site with amenities

Progress. I picked up the centerpiece for the media room. Furnishings include a futon and Justin's chair. The game systems are there, though tomorrow I have to call Microsoft to take the xbox back a second time. And the tv speakers were atrocious en...