Storypost | 2016.06.22

East Bay view fog rolling in tuxedo
Bay Area

Ty got married.

East Bay view Abolish Sleevery Donald Pump

There was some rare SF/Oakland sunshine for the rehearsal.

Just some bros hanging out

After a dinner at Skates (the fish) on the Bay, we all packed into Ty's apartment like so many sardines.

Chicken and waffles Barber shop east bay Barber shop east bay Barber shop east bay

The morning of the wedding, we took turns getting straight razor shaves. A few of us went for chicken and waffles.

thumbnail Dudes on the street thumbnail Tuxedo bow tie thumbnail Dressing for a wedding thumbnail Tuxedo reflection
thumbnail Dressing for a wedding

Clean-shaven, we headed back to the Claremont to get ready for the ceremony.

thumbnail Groomsmen thumbnail Groomsmen thumbnail Klay Thompson hotel lobby
thumbnail Wedding reception
thumbnail Wedding bus thumbnail Wedding reception science hand pins

Then the usual stuff; tuxes, photos, seeing Klay Thompson walking his dog through the lobby, a bus ride, a very nice ceremony and dinner at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Lake Merritt Oakland tennis court

The following day, Team Ritchie defeated Team Lane in straight sets at a unique tennis court next to Lake Merritt.

I installed a couple of gates in the backyard. And then piped in the vanity in the master bathroom. The vanity required some additional work to accommodate two sinks, but it was no big deal. Now to find a mirror, light, and shelf.

Morgan gate backyard Vinyl gate backyard Vanity installation
Shanghai Saloon

In all my spare time I've been able to follow Copa America and Euro - it's great to have on while doing work. The US effort came to a screeching hault against Argentina, but at least we did it at Dumpling Inn.

Dumpling Inn Shanghai Saloon couches Dumpling Inn Shanghai Saloon couches
Rocket League


With Arthur in town it seemed reasonable to go old school and play some couch co-op. I had Rocket League sitting around on the PS4 since it was the PS+ free game. It's not easy, particularly with the matchmaking algorithm. But you can't go wrong with car soccer.


Warframe seems to just keep on giving. Word is there's a Tenno rocket league coming out soon. Less ambitiously, a new boss battle appeared last week. I've run into a couple crazy (and dominant) abilities, including a teammate with four sentinel-looking dudes wrecking stuff for him. And there was an tentacley AOE that was extremely useful in defending cryopods.

thumbnail Warframe Ember Grineer boss battle thumbnail Warframe Odonata thumbnail Warframe Ember tentacles thumbnail Warframe Mag Orokin hallway thumbnail Warframe Mag Orokin cloud Mirage
thumbnail Warframe Ember laser air ducts thumbnail Warframe Ember tentacles thumbnail Warframe Grineer arena

J came across a crazy room in the Void. It looked like it would lead to crazy treasure, but we couldn't figure it out.

Kafka with tuna crabs

Mission Bay red crabs dead dog weimaraner