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Halloween spider cupcake

October 31stish meant another Cooley party. Good stuff again this year, Jes and I took the best costume award with the typical Castaway couples costume:

Castaway couples costume Wilson

Derrick's Jack costume didn't capture the love of the masses and he won worst costume.

Wolverine Jack costumes Halloween

There was a Wolverine, Batman and Robin, Nightmare before Christmas, Crocodile Dundee, Bad News(?) Panda, a Wolf of Wall Street and Red Writing Hood...

thumbnail Infant bear costume thumbnail Halloween costume Wolverine scotch thumbnail Halloween costume nightmare before christmas
thumbnail Crocodile Dundee costume
thumbnail Film costumes thumbnail Halloween costume panda dundee thumbnail Halloween costume wolf red riding hood
thumbnail Halloween costumes thumbnail Halloween costume survivalists dundee castaway thumbnail Halloween costume Wolverine celery

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A gallery of costumes.


Cox and Combes Washington, the costume.

We are not who we appear to be

On Saturday my mechanically-inclined associates hosted a soiree in commemoration of Halloween.

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