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Del Mar San Diego surfing nightsurfing surf stealth mission
Night surfing

Derrick put together a crew for a stealth mission over in Del Mar. I ordered a ball mount dive light from Amazon to help address the challenge of focusing at night. Frustratingly, I ran into the same issue that I experienced with some cables for my media room buildout, they simply sent me the wrong item and right label.

Ikelite underwater housing Nikon D700 substrobe flashlight surf photography equipment

So I went to a local dive store and picked up a Light and Motion GoBe 500. It even came with an interchangeable red bulb to allow for a light hue that's both good for focus and easy on the eyes. As usual, I semi-snooted the flash to prevent it from blowing out the water directly in front of me.

Del Mar San Diego surfing nightsurfing surf stealth mission

The waves were pretty small, but it was clean and I could stand in waist-deep water for most of it.

Del Mar San Diego surfing nightsurfing surf stealth mission focus

Focus was still a challenge, but this setup is the best so far. The biggest difference may have been switching from single to continuous focus to minimize focus time for steadily-approaching objects. Glowsticks were still an important way to find my subjects in the viewfinder; I think live view would make a huge difference.

Del Mar San Diego surfing nightsurfing surf stealth mission

Underestimating the DS-51's power, I ran 500 ISO and had to dial down from TTL to manual -2 on the spot. Unable to easily change ISO in the darkness, I mostly shot at 1/160 or 1/200 but briefly used 1/10 and got some of that red glow. Dragging the shutter might have helped make these shots pop a bit more.

Del Mar San Diego surfing nightsurfing surf stealth mission

As usual, distance makes all the difference in the world for framing and flash power. I think this setup is ready for slave flash setup. Where's Jon?

Underwater camera housing night red dive light Night surfing flash inside wave Night surfing flash foam Night surfing flash ride Night surfing flash ride
Night surfing flash popup Night surfing flash standing Rusty board Night surfing crew

I finally put together an small portfolio of surf shots.

Missed cyclists and scuba divers Derrick
Also swimmers and casual beach goers
Most well wishers. And anyone who came from over a mile away
And those skim boarders at Bird Rock

Inflatable skeleton tyrannosaurus rex skellyrex

Halloween was more or less canceled this year, but since there was a crazy pirate ship setup nearby Jes and I threw together a janky Team Zissou costume (sans glock) and took a lap of the neighborhood.

Halloween Life Aquatic costumes campari Halloween pirate ship house Halloween pirate ship house
Decision 2020/pandemic

2020 election ballot Kanye West

Election day is nigh.

News Janice McGeachin covid denial

And we're setting record infection rates across the country. I've suddenly regretted ever patronizing The Celt. At least we got their Giant Guiness.
The other pandemic

Pandemic Legacy Season 2 character selection map

Ted and Chrissy stopped in Irvine on their road trip, so Jes and I went up to continue our Pandemic Legacy S2 campaign. We squeaked out a win - which I guess is the only kind of win in Pandemic.

California wildfires burned yard hill

Ted did story time about his run-in with brushfires. The very next day...

Silverado fire Irvine

... Silverado fire in Irvine. Very sus.

Back on the subject of Pandemic Legacy, season zero is on its way!

Reddit WallStreetBets Dr Strangelove Wargames meme

I got back into volatility when potus contracted covid. It didn't go too crazy, so I decided to hold through the election, selling a few covered calls along the way.

Last week saw a pretty big jump with the resurgence of the 'rona, but I'm definitely willing to roll the dice that next week and month will have more ups and downs. I'm heavy in to bonds anyway, this is just for funsies.

GEX DIX SqueezeMetrics dark pool

To add to my compendium of basic options trading: GEX and DIX. These are (I think) proprietary, unofficial indices of 'dark pool' money which I understand to be one way that people with deep pockets make secret illuminati trades in order to not moon or drill to price of a security mid-trade. Or something.

Dark pools are private exchanges for trading securities that are not accessible by the investing public. Also known as "dark pools of liquidity," the name of these exchanges is a reference to their complete lack of transparency. Dark pools came about primarily to facilitate block trading by institutional investors who did not wish to impact the markets with their large orders and obtain adverse prices for their trades.


Aaron Rodgers sack Vikings
Somehow Cincy decided it could beat the Titans and ended my survivor bid with a mere three opponents remaining.

Week d'san andreas da bears
- Medieval Gridiron -
- Password is Taco -
- Siren -
1 Danville Isotopes
110.8 - 72.5 W (1-0)
Black Cat Cowboys
155.66 - 78.36 W (1-0)
136.24 - 107.50 W (1-0)
2 Screaming Goat Battering Rams
119.9 - 105.9 W (2-0)
[Random UTF characters resembling an EQ]
115.50 - 115.74 L (1-1)
Dem' Arby's Boyz
94.28 - 102.02 L (1-1)
3 Nogales Chicle
106.5 - 117.8 L (2-1)
Circle the Wagons
100.42 - 90.02 W (2-1)
127.90 - 69.70 W (2-1)
4 Britons Longbowmen
122.9 - 105.1 W (3-1)
Staying at Mahomes
123.28 - 72.90 W (3-1)
138.10 - 108.00 W (3-1)
5 Toronto Tanto
105.0 - 108.2 L (3-2)
Robocop's Posse
111.32 - 134.26 L (3-2)
Alpha Males
86.20 - 76.12 W (4-1)
6 Only Those Who Stand
108.2 - 66.7 W (4-2)
65.10 - 84.02 L (3-3)
SlideCode #Jab
71.60 - 53.32 W (5-1)
7 San Francisco Seduction
121.7 - 126.4 L (4-3)
Ma ma ma my Corona
118.22 - 84.20 W (4-3)
G's Unit
109.20 - 92.46 W (6-1)
8 LA Boiling Hot Tar
116.2 - 59.4 W* (5-3)
118.24 - 109.94 W* (5-3)
106.14 - 79.80 W* (7-1)

Photo lighting plants

Rob bought some camera gear.

Dog weimaraner TV remote Samsung lazy

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