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Borderlands 3 psycho Krieg DLC artistic bullet head
Among Us

Video games steam Among Us

Among Us memes are on the decline, but they got a little bump with the votingest election in US history. The lolbaters haven't played it in a couple of months, but we did have a few rousing sessions of griefing and dysfunction.
Decision 2020

Meme Trump ejected

Between the polarization, the pandemic, the contested election, and the personalities involved, the pillars of democracy have been slathered in a thick coat of meta. It's amusing, anyway:

Election 2020 Dan Price tweet covid experience Election 2020 meme copium Trump Election 2020 FEMA meme
Election 2020 Pfizer stock Four Seasons Total Landscaping tweet hungry cap wolf Election 2020 meme Kanye president Election 2020 Ben Garrison planndemic comic Election 2020 meme Trump changes name to Joe Biden CNN
Election 2020 surfing meme sponger Election 2020 meme Trump the art of the L Election 2020 comic statue of liberty mask slingshot Trump

Even Kevin came in with a dad joke:

Why can't Trump stay in the White House?
Because it is For Biden!
Indecision 2020

2020 election I voted

So in September we talked about the signals that were being put up for an election that wouldn't be decided November 3rd. A couple weeks later, was it alarmism or are we basically Belarus? Let's look at each point of the strategy:

"Convince people that the electoral system and/or certain types of votes are untrustworthy."

Contested election Trump tweet most secure rigged election Pam Fessler

Dead people voting, thrown out ballots, the illegitimacy of ballots *counted* (not cast) after election day. The talking points started months ago and have been repeated throughout the process.

"Send armed operatives appearing as official as possible to polling places to confront voters."

Contested election armed news Charlotte NC

There wasn't much voter intimidation and it was dealt with swiftly.

Contested election article 2020 Philadelphia vote counting

In similarly small measure, there were Brooks Brothers Riot reduxes.

"Audit ballots. Find those hanging chads."

Contested election 2020 Arizona open carry

Post-election litigation has shone a light on the fact that sanctioned poll watching (observation of the counting) has been an important part of this election. There hasn't been much buzz about mail-in ballots being tossed on technicalities, but 'Sharpiegate' has been the controversy of Decision 2020.

"Contest results, demand recounts, take legal action."

Contested election down ballots

The Trump campaign has contested the results in all of the battleground states - Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. The states and judiciary seem to have been prepared and dealt with the first round of litigation swiftly.


Contested election faithless electors Mark Levin tweet

So, are we Belarus?

I won this election by a lot 2020 Trump tweet

If it's done its job, EDO has tainted every battleground such that it can be litigated in court and in public opinion.

The post-November 03 script seems to have followed the one put forth by The Atlantic a couple months ago, but with substantially less vigor than you would expect from a group that makes itself so visible.

Zerohedge comments contested election

As I sometimes do, I dipped into the pond scum of zh comments but was rewarded with some mutual commiseration. It seems like the blueprint was there, but was not executed on the scale required to overturn the electoral system.

Election 2020 Trump protests flag

That's not to say that every lawsuit is dead and there aren't believers in Sharpiegate and the like. But with even Fox News calling the election done, it's hard to imaging state legislatures going the faithless elector route.
Nioh fin

Nioh final castle video game

J and I wrapped up our Nioh journey. There were allies and enemies, samurai and monsters, community player ghosts and spirit animals.

Nioh cat kill me to destroy them all Nioh final boss dragon house Nioh burning house Nioh fire bird
Nioh frog boss Nioh spirit Nioh ice lady Nioh musket soldiers Nioh skeleton monster boss
Nioh trip to the spa Nioh final boss house dragons Nioh swamp Nioh boss area many graves
BL3 Director's Cut + Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck

Borderlands 3 Krieg DLC psycho mask giant

The whole BL2 crew has finally all shown up with the Krieg DLC and Axton/Sal-hosted Arms Race game show/arena mode.

Arms Race

Borderlands 3 roguelike

Arms Race crosses roguelike elements with a PvE battle royale in the style of Running Man or Moxxi's Underdome. Players start with nothing and work their way up from white-tier weapons by roaming the map and looting. A playthrough ends with - in Borderlands style - a boss battle that is understandably easier with better loot. Unlike most Borderlands gameplay, the map is surrounded by a shrinking BR-style bubble that eventually converges on the boss.

Coming from a max level, mayhem 10 playthrough, Arms Races is a refreshing return to weapons-based play where you don't need a minmaxed build to drop even the squishiest of enemies.

Borderlands 3 roguelike

The map features a handful of loot caches and enemy clusters that are probably fun to check out for the first time. With a fairly static map, the game mode seems to primarily offer some gameplay novelty as well as a source for (unique?) loot. Afaik there isn't escalating difficulty or mapwide modifiers, making it a little less like a Moxxi DLC and more like a large arena.

Of course, seeing Sal and Axton play game show commentators is kind of fun and features some quality BL one-liners:

Like I told my ex-wife, if you'd been paying attention, it wouldn't have been a surprise.

Fantastic Fusterclick

Borderlands 3 Krieg DLC giant screenshot Enter the Psychoscape

In a story reminiscent of the Pre-Sequel's Claptastic Voyage, the Krieg DLC dives into the mind of the troubled vault hunter. The exploration of the subconscious allows for some trippy visual effects and nerdy references. As usual, the DLC isn't light on plot and character development - this one just has a lot more Krieg-isms.

Borderlands 3 Evil Lilith energy balls Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg Fustercluck MC Escher room
Borderlands 3 Evil Lilith throne Borderlands 3 good and evil Krieg Dont Call it a Rorschach Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg bandit mirror
Borderlands 3 sniping gun loader Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg Locomobius Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg nowhere loader Maya Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg vault
RoR meme runs

Risk of Rain 2 Alloy Worship Unit Artificer

While we haven't put together a god run on normal difficulty, we're having fun with the occasional drizzle sequence run. This opens the door for extra-hard Mithrix battles and - at last - we got a N'Kuhana's Retort.

Risk of Rain 2 purple bubble Risk of Rain 2 Mithrix many many beetle guards Risk of Rain 2 Nkuhanas Retort Risk of Rain 2 ice wall gold coast lighting
Home life

Pliny the Elder with some stuff

Not much on home front. I guess there's fantasy and wheel trades. Having re-watched Contagion and 12 Monkeys, I'm looking for a movie to complete the covid trilogy.

Week d'san andreas da bears
- Medieval Gridiron -
- Password is Taco -
- Siren -
1 Danville Isotopes
110.8 - 72.5 W (1-0)
Black Cat Cowboys
155.66 - 78.36 W (1-0)
136.24 - 107.50 W (1-0)
2 Screaming Goat Battering Rams
119.9 - 105.9 W (2-0)
[Random UTF characters resembling an EQ]
115.50 - 115.74 L (1-1)
Dem' Arby's Boyz
94.28 - 102.02 L (1-1)
3 Nogales Chicle
106.5 - 117.8 L (2-1)
Circle the Wagons
100.42 - 90.02 W (2-1)
127.90 - 69.70 W (2-1)
4 Britons Longbowmen
122.9 - 105.1 W (3-1)
Staying at Mahomes
123.28 - 72.90 W (3-1)
138.10 - 108.00 W (3-1)
5 Toronto Tanto
105.0 - 108.2 L (3-2)
Robocop's Posse
111.32 - 134.26 L (3-2)
Alpha Males
86.20 - 76.12 W (4-1)
6 Only Those Who Stand
108.2 - 66.7 W (4-2)
65.10 - 84.02 L (3-3)
SlideCode #Jab
71.60 - 53.32 W (5-1)
7 San Francisco Seduction
121.7 - 126.4 L (4-3)
Ma ma ma my Corona
118.22 - 84.20 W (4-3)
G's Unit
109.20 - 92.46 W (6-1)
8 LA Boiling Hot Tar
116.2 - 59.4 W (5-3)
118.34 - 109.94 W (5-3)
113.14 - 85.40 W (7-1)
9 SD The Rapier
135.0 - 90.8 W (6-3)
117.80 - 90.16 W (6-3)
Chu Fast Chu Furious
128.28 - 59.06 W (8-1)

Dog weimaraner dinner Dog weimaraner Christmas sweater mid-sneeze

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On lock

The covid surge that everyone expected after Thanksgiving has hit. Jes is busy at work. I can get by with games, streaming, jogging, and taking the dog out.


The first night surf photography session in awhile. Halloween, elections, brushfires, and stonks.

New games

Borderlands 3 arrives, The Division 2 ends, RoR2 strategy discussion, Zelda and FE3H. I enjoy a Kook Slams IPA and draft my fantasy team.

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