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Valheim bird delivery
New character

Danielle arrived.

Childbirth contraction surfing meme

I don't have a ton to say about the delivery, except this dank contraction meme.

JonJon How about Valentina Rossi Ritchie?
She may become a "doctor".

There hasn't been a shortage of congratuations, suggestions, and advice. It's nice to hear from people after a year of covid. We should do this more often.

AnonymousAnonymous When you get discharged people will give you a patronizing comment of how, "daddy has to babysit today", and you finally get to get on the social justice high horse and scream, "I'm fucking parenting, bitch, not babysitting. Maybe if your parents woulda done some of that you wouldn't be so stupid." I mean, make it your own thing, play with it. It's fun.

There's no such thing as bad advice, just bad people.

My contribution to parenting has been removing the wrist rope from a sponge and using it as a stroller leash for hills.

The hungry caterpillar
The Younger

Russian River Pliny the Younger Bottle gift

While my Pliny the Younger order did not go through Kevin's did and he was nice enough to share a bottle with me.

Russian River Pliny the Younger bottle pour

Any conversation about Pliny inevitably includes someone hating on the hype beer and naming something they'd rather have. While it's true that no beer is really worth Pliny quantities of commotion (well, maybe Brew Dog's End of History), it's undeniably an amazing beer. The hype makes you go in looking for a reason to criticize it - "it's too hoppy", "it's too dry/it burns", "it doesn't have much flavor", "it's undrinkably flavorful". None of these apply, it's absolute dead center on the pale/IPA chart and does so bringing 10.25% to the table.

If it was mass-produced, it'd be like an Arrogant Bastard that drinks like a Yellow Tail. That is, it'd be dangerous to civilized society.
New Taco

I don't even know how the adjust the seat yet, but I've moved to the current gen Tacoma. Carvana was a pretty decent car buying experience - the truck was delivered quickly and they seem to deal primarily in low-wear vehicles. The only snag I hit was somewhat misleading messaging on the order process - you get dibs on the vehicle when you provide a (fully-refundable) down payment. For the (normal?) financed case, this is something cheap like 5 or 10% of the purchase price. In my case of just paying cash, the down payment was the entire sticker price, which is more than I typically keep in a checking account (because that would be dumb). The problem is twofold: first, it means you need to move money before initiating the purchase process and by then your desired vehicle could be gone. Second, the cash-purchase-down-payment-is-the-full-price bit isn't obvious until you're pretty far along in the ordering process, so it's pretty annoying for a first time customer.

Carvana car vending machine

Ultimately I think I'd go back to them so long as they maintain their binding arbitration opt-out. I still disagree with having to opt out in the first place, but at least it's an option.

The (now grand)parents came down to help with the dog and some nursery projects that we'd originally planned to do in December before the covid surge. Since we had a bunch of time, Dad and I took on a few things, including moving the entry fence from urethane to stain.

The nursery got closeting, but the main project was putting up the whimsical, fantastical wall mural that Jes found on Etsy or something. The mural was printed on vinyl (rather than, say, wallpaper or paint-by-numbers) and was described as appropriate for smooth, primered drywall.

Applying the 7x2' strips was not easy and required three sets of hands, but we did a pretty good job. Hopefully Danielle will have something interesting to look at during the crib years and beyond.

Valheim raft bro voyage

The lolbaters started a Valheim playthrough the evening before Jes and I headed to the labor and delivery. It's a Viking afterlife-themed survival game that supports ten co-op players.

Valheim early settlement

You start by building wood huts that provide shelter from the elements and the ability to craft of basic tools. As you gather more wood and stone, you create more Age of Empiresy workbenches and kilns and beehives that allow you to construct even more stuff. While your town does get invaded from time to time, it's closer to Fallout 4's settlement-as-busywork mechanic.

Valheim wandering

There's plenty of procedurally-generated terrain to hunt and gather from, the visuals are both very pretty and unrefined (it's pre-release).

Valheim deer hunting sneaking

Hunting with a knife isn't too bad as long as you remember to sneak.

Valheim boss Eikthyr

Game progression involves taking down a series of bosses scattered across the map. They serve as gates for your village/equipment leveling.


Gamestop GME dip 10 March 2021

After languishing in the $40s, GME got a second wind. Much like last time when I sold a covered call for a tidy profit, on Monday morning I sold a $190 call against an adjusted cost basis of $175. Adjusted: had 200 shares, and half of them hit a stop loss, averaging me up to $175/share.

[GME Mar 12 $190 Call executed at $14.03]
And now that call is in the money. Zac
Did you follow your own advice, Zac? Sants
And buy GME when I sold?
No :( Zac
I YOLOed it. I'm rich as hell now. Kevin
Would be a nice thing to say, but I didn't.

So this one is about $3,000 of gains, but about a third of what I would have made by simply selling at market close today. That sound bitter but it's really more amusing; who can be mad about a $1,400 weekly? While I'm currently happy to be relieved of my GME position for a tidy gain, FOMO is wondering how many weeks of insane IV I may miss out on.

Non-meme stonks

ZacZac You have to think big to stonk big.

We had a pretty decent market/nasdaq dip before getting back to all-time highs. Unfortunately, some of my favorite nasdaq wheels haven't recovered. Actually, strike that, only CRSR hasn't recovered. The others I bought even though I don't like them, namely AAPL and AKAM.

On the flip side, two of my long term holds (MJ and RKT) experienced a few days of high volatility from which I was able to extract good call premiums.

I took Chris's $MJ advice a few months ago. Glad it's paying off.
Makes up for that $GME bust he predicted.
What is $MJ? Sants
*shrug* Just letters to me.
I like to know as little as possible about where I put my money.
Lol cannabis ETF. Ryan

I'll hopefully soon get around to posting updated wheel returns as a way of showing the effect of a market dip. Despite repeated stories about in-control inflation, since gold is pretty low, I've bought into a couple of ETFs.

AnonymousAnonymous I don't want to give money to Trump app developers [Phunware].
Might as well write a check directly to "White people".


Bwahahahaha Jon with Valentina Rossi! Ryan suggested Rossi as a portion of the name too for Emilia. Hell no!

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Follow up

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