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Dog Rhodesian ridgeback cute couch

Whether or not covid is truly in our rearview, everything has returned to the pre-2020 norm (more or less).
Pandemic Legacy Season 0

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 box

So let's start with a pandemic. Pandemic Legacy Season 0 came out in 2020, but my crew from seasons 1 and 2 just now managed to get a session in.

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 stickers aliases covers

S0 has a repurposed infection/player card mechanic like the other games but it's definitely a new experience. Most obviously, there are face and beard and hat stickers.

Also, as of April-ish, season 0 doesn't have an outbreak tracker mechanic - you know, eight incidents and you lose. This is actually a huge relief but balanced by the fact that monthly objectives almost always run you close to the end of the player deck (you lose).

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 board

The board a neat but presently lacks some of the dynamic geographical elements of the other games; discovering map regions, charting sea lanes, etc.

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 player alias Sylens
Derrick wanted to create an homage to the Horizon character Sylens but couldn't resist adding a mustache and dreads.

Zinsco circuit breaker panel removed

I replaced a breaker. Exciting, I know. But since I expect to do this again in the future, it goes into the blog. (If you've wandered here from the internet, FYI I am not an electrician and high-wattage electrical work isn't something to be taken lightly).

I guess Zinsco panels aren't super common and electricians always want to replace them. For what it's worth, I've had no problems with mine and somebody in the business once told me that electricians always want to replace them because money.

Zinsco circuit breaker removal top down

I shut off the main (100A) breaker, unscrewed the wires, ensuring not to mix up the left and right ones. Removing the breaker was kind of a pain (and seemed to be so with the youtube video I watched). With some wiggling it eventually came loose. The bottom of the breaker sits in a channel, so it has to be rotated down as depicted above.

Replacement Zinsco breaker UBI Z

I took the old one to the hardware store, just in case. The replacement isn't identical, but it's the right one.

Zinsco circuit breaker test voltage multimeter

The video recommended screwing the wires in before installing the breaker, it was probably the right way to go. Once the replacement was latched in, I tested the voltage with the breaker in each position.

First robotics competition Del Mar

I watched some robots shoot hoops.

More recently, the family took a trip up to Julian. We started at the California Wolf Center where we saw some wolves resting in the afternoon sun, waiting for the ranger to toss meat over the fence.

California Wolf Center wolf

It's pretty a pretty low-key attaction, the center is ostensibly more about research and population management. But seeing wolves up close isn't a bad way to spend 45 minutes in the middle of nowhere.

Jes and Dani stepped into the gift shop to find some water and we emerged with the biggest stuffed wolf in the joint.

After the wolf viewing we headed down to the Quiet Mind lodge by the lake where Jes had a massage appointment. I guess she enjoyed it, Dani and I hung out on the patio and watched the motorcycles go by. Next was the Blue Door winery where I only really liked their sangiovese, but the tasting room and staff were awesome. Then we zonked at the Julian Lodge after stuffing ourselves with bbq.

Ukraine Russian warship burning webcam

The last month has seen the Ukraine saga grind on. Russia pivoted away from Kyiv and appears to be consolidating in (or settling for) the breakaway territories near its own border. Biden said Russia needs to depose Putin. There's been a pervasive PR struggle about war crimes that has been largely settled by some recent videos.

I'm in a meeting right now learning about how our team in China is upset about [NASDAQ 100 company] publicly banning sales in Russia
It's actually really interesting
They see Ukraine as the Taiwan that won't fall in line and are worried that [company] will punish them if China ever took action in Taiwan
Spoiler: [company] totally would

The implications of this conflict are difficult to understate.

Ukraine Russian helicopter Berlin blyatskrieg
Early in the conflict there was (apparently) a Russian helicopter with a hand-painted sign, "Onward to Berlin". Whether or not that was the actual plan, it doesn't seemed to have worked out for that particular aircraft.
Stonks and Stew-Beef

Russia Ukraine WallStreetBets Adidas

The market is in the midst of a totally-predictable pullback right now. There's not a lot to say about it so I'll post some of the interesting/funny bits from Jon Stewart's recent investing/meme stock AMA. It's also an opportunity to show off my new threaded conversation html thingy:

Like I was saying to u/ButtFarm69, as the great Dr. King said, the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice. What they don?t tell you is there will be very powerful forces trying to bend it back. Even incremental change in a positive direction for a fairer market is arduous but worthwhile. Building those coalitions and having the clarity of vision and tenacity of temperament to see them through is an enormous challenge. So when I say stamina, I don?t mean investing strategies. I mean the larger goal of creating a free market system that is more efficient at generating wealth at all levels, not just the top, and minimizing the collateral damage for those caught in its wake, not just a protection racket for those whose carelessness creates so much of the hazard. What you guys are doing is brilliant and important and fragile. Your voices, the voices of the average investor, have shifted the conversation in positive ways. Don?t let the institutions speak for you. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

How can we stop the stock market from being the benchline for how well the economy is doing and start making it be employee wages and quality of life? Shareholders don't produce value, employees do.
Power to the People, Mother Fuckers! Let?s do this! I feel like for the longest time this country has treated capital better than labor. It would be a huge plus if the country could swing that pendulum back a little bit.

What do you think of the media's coverage of GameStop in regards to short selling?
Look, I like my news like I like my coffee, with a tremendous amount of condescension. Any disruptive movement of proles shaking up the status quo, you have to remember the financial media are in many ways more aligned with the interests they cover. The GameStop movement was always going to be viewed through the lens of it being an oddity, even without all the jizz memes.


I'm not an iphone person so I don't know much about it, but DWAC has been in investing headlines.

Checking out my morning Truths and Pizzagate is trending hard.
I also like how they screenshot Twitter for their sources.
This app is crazy. Anyone who says anything contrary to what's posted gets reemed so hard. Everyone blocks them.
For real?
One guy posted that people need to post things other than politics in order for Truth to live on. Then he posted something about rebuilding a car and everyone told him to STFU.
Haha Zac
I was hopeful this would get big and implode spectacularly.
North Korea hires a Chinese production company

North Korea video ICBM Kim Jong Un

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