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Dragon Age Origins tree ent conversation

I haven't started a new playthrough of Dragon Age Origins, I just dug up an illustrative image.

James Bond Goldeneye Xenia Onatopp I had to ventilate someone

'D80' is a Samsung dryer error code for exhaust issues (lint, blockage, whatever). I kinda knew this one was coming since my dryer is in the middle of the house, requiring a pretty long vent pipe. So I context switched briefly from backyard projects to install a booster fan.

Home Depot Vents US 4 inch dryer booster fan

I was happy to see that dryer booster fans are pressure-activated, rather than actuated by a hard wire to the dryer or something. That said, from a longevity perspective the latter might be better.

Dryer booster fan installation wye backdraft damper diagram

The dryer-adjacent bathroom was previously just venting into the (fairly large) basement area next to both. I connected the bathroom vent to the run of ducting already in place for the dryer using a wye junction. I affixed a backdraft damper (one-way door) to prevent the dryer from blowing into the bathroom. I'm not sure that's actually a concern with the booster creating a path of much less resistance to the outside of the house, but whatever.

Vents US dryer booster fan installed ducting

I used joist hangers to install a piece of 2x6 under the subfloor. The fan bracket attached to that (rather than subfloor or joist). The ducting attached in the usual fashion.

No more D80 error and clothes dry faster.
Cat chat

We need a project name that is a semi-domesticated cat, ideally one that is kind of ferocious. I wanted to use 'Ocelot' but it was taken.
Maybe an Egyptian cat like Abyssinian or a Mau? Jes
What about a Devon Rex or pixie bob?
So cute.
Maybe it's the photography but those don't strike me as fierce.
;) ;) ;)
"Welcome aboard, you guys will be on project Pixiebob."
(How to get your interns to fuck off to Microsoft.)
10/10 memeing I did not know my wife was capable of.
Jon has decided to go with Lykoi.


Cat lykoi

Thorn street brewing

The Gentlemen's Beer Exploration Society reconstituted for an expedition to Thorn Street followed by nachos and wet 1lb burritos at La Puerta.

La Puerta nachos Nirvana menu La Puerta California burrito wet red sauce
Investing and tech

WSB WallStreetBets meme bagholding dollar cost averaging

Spy has been drilling; upwards of 6% in the past five trading days. Tesla and Netflix have each shorn a couple hundred bucks off their respective share prices.

Coward exercised my Netflix put.
My stonks keep getting hammered. Zac
I miss when this used to be fun.
Agreed. This should just bottom out already so it can start going up again. Kevin
My inverses are looking mighty fine.
The rest of my port is mega-guh.
Fuck it. Commodities and energy. All aboard.
Disney is still very much on sale.
Everything is on sale. Sants
At this rate, my body will be on sale soon.
Your body has been for sale for a long time. Just very few interested buyers. Zac
Well, everyone wants a rhino, but they just don't fit in a lot of hallways. Sants
I wish I could trade as well as you guys can banter.

Elon and Netflix

Maybe [Elon] will buy Walmart just to fuck with Bezos. Zac
Waltons are practically old money compared to Musk. They've been billionaires forever. He's gonna have to show up in a Count-of-Monte-Cristo carriage full of pirate gold. Sants
Seems like something Musk would do. Zac
The TRUTH comes out:
I knew the financial collapse had to do with wokeness.
I'm not even sure what that means. Kevin
Netflix did jump on the failing company documentary. "White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch". That about sums it up.
I want to see From Thriller to Horror: The Rise & Fall of Netflix As It's Happening. Sants
Like the Formula 1 thing.
I would pay so much to watch a realty show of the inner workings at TRUTH Social. Zac

... and then...

He did it.
When you typed that I thought, "Musk bought Twitter?" And I was right. Sants
So, how can we make money on this, Chris?
Find out how to buy Twitter stock last week. Kevin
Already priced in from when he announced it. Sants
Maybe I should still buy.
You know he's gonna make it make money.
Bought some yang in case Beijing locks down.
Twitter is halted.
I just put my buy in.
My entire portfolio is now doge and twtr.
Greatest investor ever.
I'm already up .27%.
.27% daily gains ain't too shabby.
Ffs how did we let a paypal guy become the richest man in the world? They're a glorified escrow company.
He red paperclipped his way to the top. Sants
Doesn't the PayPal Mafia run the world? Zac
Even TRUTH Social is essentially being floated by Peter Theil who pulled the strings at Facebook.
From Wikipedia: The "PayPal Mafia" is a group of former PayPal employees and founders who have since founded and developed additional technology companies such as Tesla, Inc., LinkedIn, Palantir Technologies, SpaceX, Affirm, Slide, Kiva, YouTube, Yelp, and Yammer.
And now that Musk is a Twitter founder, you can add that to the list.

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