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Elden Ring field Gael tunnel tower of Limgrave

Just some scenery and light commentary from mine and J's Elden Ring adventuring.

Elden Ring Stormveil Castle troll site of grace invader
Invaders annoyingly love to hang out near NPC enemies so you have to fight both at the same time (and likely lose your runes in an inconvenient place). The even griefier ones simply run and hide, blocking your progress. Luckily you can just exit the game will likely have a good autosave for you.

thumbnail Elden Ring Stormveil castle thumbnail Elden Ring mausoleum walking temple grave field thumbnail Elden Ring graveyard smoldering church
thumbnail Elden Ring Stormveil castle courtyard warhawk
thumbnail Elden Ring Castle Morne misbegotten hanging corpses thumbnail Elden Ring Fort Gael field
thumbnail Elden Ring Leonine Misbegotten Castle Morne island

We're well into the game now, but the epic scale of locations and enemies is still impressive.

thumbnail Elden Ring flame chariot enemy flamethrower fire thumbnail Elden Ring Stormveil Castle troll thumbnail Elden Ring giant golem archer thumbnail Elden Ring glintstone dragon swamp
thumbnail Elden Ring giant crab beach combat coop erdtree thumbnail Elden Ring ladder dead man serpent thumbnail Elden Ring Godrick the Grafted
thumbnail Elden Ring dead bear forest stairway thumbnail Elden Ring boss Leonine Misbegotten combat coop
thumbnail Elden Ring warhawk dead blade feet

And beyond the normal fantasy fare of soldiers, beasts, and soldier-beasts, there are creative enemies like flame chariots and hawks with frickin knives attached to their legs.

Elden Ring Redmane Castle trebuchet wall

My most Elden Ring moment thus far? I fought to the tower of Fort Gael from the Smoldering Church, losing my co-op buddy in the process. Briefly out of danger, I searched desparately for a site of grace but only found a teleporter that took me to a bridge in an unexplored location (Redmane Castle). Rather than storm yet another castle, I cautiously crept back across the bridge, only to get lit up by the trebuchet. I reversed course, hoping there'd be a site of grace near the castle entrance. I wound through the battlements, picking up a few stealth kills, but then ran into a ballista. Stealth was out, so I ran past the ballista, roadblock, and soldiers, hoping to find a defensible location at the castle gate. Instead a troll dropped on me from the castle wall.

Elden Ring map Fort Gael Redmane Castle teleport
Source. Red: fighting. Blue: teleporting.

Elden Ring arrow in the chest spear balloon castle
I used to be a tarnished just like you, then I took an arrow to the chest.



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