Review | 2022.05.20

Elden Ring Altus Plateau Perfumer Ruins horse field

I try out a new kid carrier, do some data entry, and slay my first Elden Ring dragon.
A review

I mostly stick to video game and ETF reviews, but this baby backpack is worth a shout out. It's something we probably wouldn't own were it not for Connie, so I'm glad she's so outdoorsy. Here's why I like it more than the stroller:
300 Xerxes throne
Source. Yeah it's basically like this.

LittleLife backpack child carrier

I'm not going to pretend I've done a model comparison or anything. But since CS did her homework, here's what she had to say:

ConnieConnie Omg! Take a look at how happy Dani is going on a backpack ride! So cute.

Aw, reminds me of my kiddos. I miss the baby stage! We tried out all the other kid backpack carriers at REI, the Osprey, Dueter, Kelty, etc. The kid test was to put them in it, and see if they would cry. Haha. They cried on all of them, except for this one! This was the only backpack that the kids were happy to go into. And it's a plus not to have the kick stand. That adds extra bulk and clunk.

So glad to see you guys enjoying it! Dani reconfirms this is the best carrier. Haha. Now go get some baby hiking in!
Kilroy retrofits and upgrades

Alt text for all, eventually

Me Me Last year I started using alt text for images, but hadn't propagated that to thumbnails or the slideshow pages found by clicking the '[+]' next to each month. Thumbnails and slideshow images now have alt text.

Well, slideshow pages *support* alt text. I have twenty years of unlabeled images that *could* be labeled. After adding alt text to a few months worth of images I decided to (a) stick with it and (b) code up a GUI to make it not a text editor + file browser + web browser workflow.

Pretty ugly, pretty spartan (lmao callback). But it does what it needs to:
This all came together pretty quickly thanks to having a static web site and a code base to manage it. It does entire months at a time, so I can chip away at the backlog while having intermediate results.

Post preview and lists



Ty invited me out to Oahu in 2014. The fun started as soon as I got off the plane; we drove straight to the north shore to catch the Pipeline Pro. I hung out in Honolulu with the grad students and somehow got roped into judging a local science faire. Then I hopped over to Kauai to hike the incredible Kalalau trail on the Na Pali coast.

While looking at my lists metapage, I found myself quite bothered by the (earmuffs, Jon) Excel-like table listing links. So I created a new markup element for showing a thumbnail, title, and summary of another post. It's usable in any post (e.g. above), though a simple hyperlink does the job in most cases.

Landing page

While I was figuring out why my kilroy/index.html file was getting written to /index.html, I created a minimal landing page.

Elden Ring dragon Decaying Ekzykes

J and I meandered back to the early-game swamps and took on Agheel (pictured below, above is Decaying Ekzykes who we ran away from). Also I swapped out my gear for Royal Remains. I'm not sure if it's better or worse for a dex-samurai, but it looks intimidating.

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thumbnail Elden Ring wagon monstrous crow erdtree



What do NASDAQ and Elden Ring have in common? Also a trip to the amusement park and some machine learning meta topics.

Elden Lord

Finishing Elden Ring and fighting a normal-sized skeleton in Wonderlands.

90s aesthetic

The indieweb and blogging with a couple of webring rabbit holes. RSS with source and a small Elden Ring gallery.