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Bear market

Nasdaq 2022 pullback CNBC

dbgtboi dbgtboi Market Summary So Far

Fed in November: "We are going to crash markets by ending QE in March and starting QT shortly after"
Investors: "You can't time markets! Just DCA through it and you're good"
Fed: "No, I am literally telling you, you can time markets easily, I am going to start crashing them in March"
Fed: "Jesus Fukken Christ what a bunch of morons"

Pretty much this. For all of the wary investing I've been doing - from moving my 401k to bonds in 2017 to holding way too much UVXY while actively investing in 2021 - I still got caught out more than I'd like in this recent pullback. The way it goes: TSM loses 10% within the week (my CSP/CC expiration) and so I hold as it slides lower. Now I'm either taking a bigger loss or joining DCA gang.

I'm not too worried, but the key will be having enough dry powder to buy the upswing.

I'm literally depressed about this shit. What should i do?
Reassess your risk tolerance, hedge better, quit gambling, see a therapist, call your mom, hit a bootycall, go for a walk, eat a healthy meal, get a full 8 hours, drink enough water, or just pretend you?re okay and shove the feeling down deep in your guts, making you die slightly faster.

If I do a June report card this year, it'll be totally misleading by factoring in unrealized losses.

kshotkshot Plane market is absolutely fucked now too... no inventory, inflation.

I should have gotten into aircraft. Ah yes, and one more quote in memorium:

Franklin Antonio Don't make a big deal out of this. It is very simple math. As an engineer, you understand the math better than most financial type folks.
Elden Ring

Elden Ring Magma Wyrm Makar pool of magma
We've moved up to mid-sized monsters but dragons are still a "hell nah".

Last month I described my "Elden Ring moment". I think this was J's:

Unfolding the map

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Hyrule map world atlas

Mine and J's journey around the Lands Between in a word: meandering.

Mechanically, it's nice to have that freedom of nonlinearity enabled by easy, unlimited fast travel. That said, having this freedom of movement might do a disservice to the game's immersiveness and contiguity. Referring again to the Zelda series, Ocarina was amazing because you'd unlock a new area and explore it to exhaustion (which in 1998 was far less exhausting). Then you'd hop back on Epona and neither-fast-nor-slow travel back to town.

In contrast, I find myself wandering into one area, running through a dungeon, then warping back somewhere else entirely. This playstyle also differs from the linear-but-backtrackable soulslike games I've played, Bloodborne and Nioh.

To Elden Ring's credit, it follows the Fallout model of not gating areas by equipment or abilities, letting the player explore and inevitably be obliterated by overleveled enemies. But it would feel more Souls/Ocarina-ey to not be able to fast travel away - except for maybe to a central starting point.

"Why not just play through like you feel like you should?" Glad you asked. For co-op, you can't summon an ally into an area whose main boss you beat. So you can't Leroy Jenkins the castle and then mop up/explore later on, unless you want to walk back from somewhere else. So as you progress through major objectives, the explorability ceiling continuously slides down on the player (and his co-op buddy).

Of course, now that I've written that, nothing sounds more soulslike than a ceiling lowering irreversibly on the player. Poor choice of analogies, but the argument remains.

Elden Ring roaming field cliffs tower Elden Ring Magma Wyrm Makar co-op ally getting blasted rip Elden Ring hookclaws mirror helmet lake goats Elden Ring Blaidd hookclaws mirror helmet shield
Human learning and machine learning

Danielle's favorite things? Collecting berries and rocks, her wolf, her bear, and...

Neural networks for babies book neurons neuroscience

The Chris Ferrie series of impossible-to-say-unpretentiously "[Physics/rocket science/information theory/etc.] for Babies" series. The books are kind of cute and Dani frequently asks to read them. Meanwhile Daddy is doing similar studies:

Machine learning for program analysis training cansecwest

Linkbacks and machine learning

Algorithmically generated web page context failure
Dating&lunar rocks&formula&one.

A few months back I listed a few referrers, including, "those sites that crawl the web for images and attach autogenerated text to them in hopes of getting page rank and clicks." Above is another fine example of a machine learning fail that links to this site.

Comic kubernetes web programmers artbyjuliet
I've idly clicked through a few more links and this comic completely applies. Don't at me, Rob.


90s aesthetic

The indieweb and blogging with a couple of webring rabbit holes. RSS with source and a small Elden Ring gallery.


Trading the stroller out for a baby backpack. Retrofitting old posts to new markup. A couple Elden Ring dragons.

Fog door

A birthday party, wood oil, board games, video games, and other stuff.