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Market pullback

The major indices were on the rise at the end of June but sentiment seems to indicate that we're on a pretty significant downslope. Probably don't buy every dip.


WallStreetBets post CPI text chat

From last night. Then today:

SPY June 10 CPI guh

I just wonder why the Federal Reserve lied so openly. Oh yeah, it was election year.

Asset-backed home loans

WSB WallStreetBets post real estate margin home loan photographer

Last month I linked to a WSB burrypost about a possible bubble created by portfolio margin being used for home purchases. I followed up with discussion about the possibility of a declining real estate market. The post above (click through for the full text) has a story that hits both areas of concern.

Single datapoints aren't much use by themselves, but the discussion occasionally yields more useful information.

velo_hots velo_hots I just wanna know what his plan was when he needed to sell 500k worth of his portfolio to pay taxes when he has a 750k loan against his 1.1m portfolio. He would basically immediately put himself into a margin call scenario given he's getting called over a 230k drop in portfolio value, let alone 500k

How the fuck was he even smart enough to get a 1.1m portfolio of he's doing this positively braindead shit

In this case the comments were more condemnation than informative discussion. But it makes me wonder if this was a random act of financial illiteracy or if someone (brokerage, friend, financial planner) convinced OP to make that move. If one realtor is telling his clients to get an asset-backed loaned to cover an unaffordable property, it might be more common than just these few stories.

Bosch angle grinder diamond cup wheel stucco

The artificial grass comes in soon so I'm hurrying to fix the stucco wall. Most of it is in great shape, but the bottom needs patching. The power washer didn't do much, so I came at it with a hammer/chisel and angle grinder with a diamond cup wheel.
A new keyboard

Microsoft LXN-00001 4000 ergonomic keyboard

My trusty old ergo 4000 keyboard has been dropping uphostery flecks everywhere so I ordered the successor model.

Wikipedia Cathcart nightly makes lists of "feathers in his cap" and "black eyes", often finding something in the former category is in fact in the latter one, considering all the possible ways in which his superiors could react to them. In his attempts to please nearly everyone, Cathcart discovers that all the other soldiers hate him.

It's been awhile so I'll use the Colonel Cathcart (Catch-22) format for reviewing the LXN-00001 in comparison to the 4000:

POSSE internet Andre the Giant

POSSE is an abbreviation for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere, the practice of posting content on your own site first, then publishing copies or sharing links to third parties (like social media silos) with original post links to provide viewers a path to directly interacting with your content.

I got my daily push notification of a Hacker News post about the indieweb.

whiskey14 I've started writing a blog post and was wondering how do the folks on HN host their blogs these days?
a) own website
b) write on something like medium
c) use in built article feature on LinkedIn

These posts always have three tiers of comments:
  1. A comment that is just a blog/personal web site link, looking for clicks.
  2. A comment with the blog link and an overview of their development stack (WordPress, Hugo, hand-coded HTML, etc.). These are are kind of helpful from the learning perspective; you can click through and see what the tech stack supports.
  3. A comment with a technologist's discussion of what's out there and sometimes a link to an indieweb hub.
This one was pretty good:

kayamon I write on my own website, where I scream into the wind endlessly like an elderly person shaking his fist angrily at passing clouds. I don't believe anyone reads any of it but I find it helps me get my thoughts in order.

It's hosted on DreamHost. It's all custom, I glued it together with Markdown, CSS, and a little Python. I've been with them for years and I can still recommend them. I'm not sure the exact location matters though. Success comes not from the venue but bringing an audience.

Also the key to successful self-promotion is to spam your own stuff tirelessly until the heat death of the universe, so here we go:

It was totally worth the click-through for me, his blog has stuff about gaming, graphics, RE, and writing.

Another commenter:

theandrewbailey I blog on my own site, on my own domain name, on my own hardware.

But it seems that most HN'ers use a static site generator and push to Github Pages.

EDIT: might as well give the link:

Andrew Bailey blog personal web site Halo javascript
Source. I appreciated "You don't like running Javascript? There's some here, but you'll be OK without it. Keep being awesome!"

And the page footer:

This site is a member of the 1MB club. Computers and connections are faster than ever, but why does the internet feel more like dialup every day?

It really does. For example, that CNBC SPY chart from earlier in this post:

CNBC javascript NoScript blocker
That's more js than necessary.

Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere

POSSE diagram indie web

Returning to the image and quote at the top of the section, a lot of these HN discussions link to meta sites that extol the virtues of Web 1.0 while pushing their platform or tool. That said, has some succinct content describing the Old Web movement.

Let your friends read your posts, their way. POSSE lets your friends keep using whatever they use to read your stuff (e.g. social media silos like Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.).

Stay in touch with friends now, not some theoretical future. POSSE is about staying in touch with current friends now, rather than the potential of staying in touch with friends in the future.

Like with other indiebloggers, there's a tinge of self-righteousness and the mentality of being at war with the Zuckernet.
I haven't shot a bow in months

Wolverine missing meme Aloy Horizon Forbidden West

I know, I posted about Slay the Spire less than a week ago. It's an easy game to drop-in/drop-out. Horizon requires immersion.
Ayy lmao

pork_fried_christ pork_fried_christ I'm so sick of these millennials and their attitudes.

Walkin' around like they rent the place.

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