Storypost | 2023.02.07

Canyons Palomar dirt roads Wrangler Tacoma

Fun on the bun.

Cow eating a cookie

The Lunché Crew did Haidilao hot pot, Dani had her first Pizza Port pie and made cookies.

Haidilao hot pot Pizza Port Solana Beach Baking flour

And food equipment

Cutting board stand countertop Cutting board stand countertop Cutting board stand countertop

My father-in-law crafted a gorgeous cutting board stand for us.

And water

LG refrigerator water pump replacement

The fridge's water pump blew a seal somewhere and silently sprayed water on the wall whenever we used the dispenser. The replacement was easy, but it was annoying that it failed so soon (five years) and so surreptitiously.

Unrelatedly, I had to re-sweat a water pipe that hadn't been sufficiently anchored. There was another union inches from where this pinhole formed but they didn't think to fix the source of the problem.

Daytona USA arcade game House of the Dead arcade Giants Vikings NFL

Beer exploration visited Brewski's for some drafts, video games, and playoffs.
The ranch

Canyons Palomar Tacoma Jeep Wrangler Can Am Canyons Palomar Jeep Wrangler 4Runner Can Am Canyons Palomar Rhodesian Ridgeback Can Am

Cooley invited us up to the ranch. I hadn't been in a few years and the girls had never been. After coffee and camp pancakes we took the Can-Am, Jeep, and Tacoma up the trails. I initially said that my truck was far too pretty for washed out dirt tracks, but Jes really wanted to drive some more.
The Witcher

The Witcher season 2 Geralt snow

I caught up on season two of The Witcher. I've generally enjoyed the series and appreciated the added political intrigue of this season. I can't speak to the departure from the source material but some important character choices in this season seem to be plot-driven (and otherwise nonsensical).

thumbnail The Witcher season 2 Nivellen thumbnail The Witcher season 2 Vereena bruxa screeching thumbnail The Witcher season 2 Eskel tree Geralt
thumbnail The Witcher season 2 Vereena bruxa
thumbnail The Witcher season 2 Vereena bruxa thumbnail The Witcher season 2 Ciri Kaer Morhen
thumbnail The Witcher season 2 Geralt Kaer Morhen

The way they defeated the big baddie in the last episode was, well, convoluted and dumb. With Henry Cavill's departure from the series I'm not optimistic for its future.

Doing a maze by the fire



MCL tear, froading, clay pigeons, volleyball.


More investment carnage, turf boot carnage, and sci-fi carnage.

The return of film

Pinhole shots using the P-Sharan cardboard camera and film photos from dirtbiking Plaster City.