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Source. Home One? Kind of a boring name. Executor? Now we're talking.

"Why are you talking about spaceship names?" you might ask. More on that later. In the meantime, here are some updates on the latest sagas.
A wild T-14 appears (reportedly, from state channels)

Metal Slug tank minifig

Toward the end of my international politics linkfest I discussed Russia's long-awaited T-14 MBT. Well, according to official channels, the tank has "fire[d] on Ukrainian positions":

Reuters Russia's new T-14 Armata battle tank debuts in Ukraine - RIA

Russia has begun using its new T-14 Armata battle tanks to fire on Ukrainian positions "but they have not yet participated in direct assault operations," the RIA state news agency reported on Tuesday, quoting a source close the matter.

The open-ended statement was met with skepticism:

how many confirmations like this were there already?
This is the third time the T-14 has made its combat debut, a capability unmatched by western tanks which can only be debuted once
The terrace

Artificial grass terrace enclosure chairs

Jes picked up some adirondacks for the terrace. I'm normally skeptical of outdoor furniture, having sat on more than one patio chair that had been destroyed by the sun. Since these'll be in the shade, I'm a bit more optimistic, they also seem to be made of a pretty tough composite.

Alas, they're held together with wood screws. Wood screws are okay with wood (inferior to bolts) but they're pretty terrible with axial pressure on sawdust-pvc composite (or whatever it is). Resting one of the footrests on its side ripped the screw out.

The furniture came from Costco so we could return them but they're really nice if not for inferior/cosmetic assembly choices. Instead of going back to the drawing board, Jes drilled out the screw holes and reattached the footrest legs with galv bolts.

Wood preservatives

Redwood 2x2 patio cover roof

The tldr on the terrace:
Fast forward to today, the wood was looking dry in some places and dirty in others. So I hit it with a sander and re-applied linseed oil with a rag and ample pressure.

Bernzomatic blaze torch

The redwood look of the walls/ceiling is nice, but for the roof (that gets the most sun) I'm considering taking a propane torch and doing shou sugi ban.

New English brewery sloth

This month's beer exploration featured sun and bubbles.
Credible ship names

Reddit NCD raddest ship names

mcwillie mcwillie HMS Terror is the bombest fucking ship name out there; let's make some new ones

NCD had a fun post about ship names that are infinitely cooler than Home One and Ronald Reagan.

French submarine Le Terrible

HMS Vengeance is still in commission.

It's a ballistic missile submarine.
France has an SSBN called Le Terrible.

Fitting name
As the ultimate doomsday weapon, ballistic missile subs always have names designed to fill people with dread. That's why the US has subs called Ohio, Florida and West Virginia.

There was a lot of love for Halo and Iain Banks naming schemes.

May I introduce the phenomenal names from halo: UNSC Two for Flinching, and the UNSC Say My Name.
Halo names were rad, you had ships such as Shadow of Intent, Midsummer Night, Long Night of Solace and Heart of Midlothian
And then hilaious stuff like naming a cargo ship "This side up"
Fun fact, the heavy that gets sliced pretty much in half at the start of Halo 2 was the UNSC Feeling Lucky
I'm pretty sure the Halo writers were a fan of the Culture series. Iain M Banks has some cool ship names in that series. I like the warship/spy ship called "Grey Area" and " I said I got a big stick".
"Falling outside the normal moral constraints" is my favourite ship and name.
Let Me Get My Gun And Then Tell Me That Again
UNSC Last One Out is a favourite of mine

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