Metapost | 2019.04.06

Site changes

A couple small changes that are fairly evident below: I created an about page and a list of lists.

The list of lists was inspired by publishing J's top ten video games. Part of the process led to another synergy for having some common code between my git toolkit and Java markup parser: automated text overlay. So Excel spreadsheet list + image set = list post, and not just buzzfeed-y top ten stuff. There's still some work to be done for rendering text in a way that pops, for now it's just drawing on a BufferedImage/Graphics2D canvas.
Photo shoot

Derrick brought Lil'B over for birthday photos and my first real use of the 50mm f/1.4. The one thing that really struck me was being able to shoot into the sun owing to some combination of the polarizer and lens hood. This was my first $60 polarizer (B+W, been using Tiffens for the most part), so maybe that explains the lack if insane lens flare and the almost-monochrome background in some of the shots.


Gloomhaven retirement Ratcliffe Rouge Stormy D Chell Marcus Kincaide

After a brief stint as Marcus Kinkaide the Quartermaster, I started a career as MC Lutes, the Troubadour.

Gloomhaven achievements whiteboard handwriting wtf

Our informal party log is taking up quite a bit of Mark's whiteboard.

Gloomhaven sewer tiles
Risk of Rain 2

The lolbaters crew have jumped on the early access to Risk of Rain 2. It's remarkably similar to the original, but in 3d so not similar at all.

thumbnail Risk of Rain 2 spike balls thumbnail Risk of Rain 2 beetle queen thumbnail Risk of Rain 2 drop pod
thumbnail Risk of Rain 2 stone titan teleporter
thumbnail Risk of Rain 2 magma worm imps thumbnail Risk of Rain 2 wandering vagrant

Risk of Rain 2 ROR2 drinking game teleporter Steam
From Steam.
Verminitide 2

Vermintide 2 barn corpses

J and I have completed Vermintide up through veteran difficulty. Champion seems hard.

thumbnail Vermintide 2 awkward death thumbnail Vermintide 2 hammer statue guy survive thumbnail Vermintide 2 skittergate thumbnail Vermintide 2 spawn of chaos
thumbnail Vermintide 2 rats


Warframe Hydroid Prime tentacles screenshot

I've gotten a few Warframe sessions in, it's really good for when you have just a few minutes for gaming. I finally built Mirage Prime and Hydroid Prime. Also I pulled my first Legendary Core sortie reward.

Warframe legendary core Warframe vauban prime operative Warframe inbox sixth anniversary liset dex skin Warframe hydroid prime tentacles terminal defense
Payday 2

Payday 2 butcher shop pigs screenshot

Before moving to RoR2 we had an intense night of trying to complete Hoxton with stealth.

Payday 2 Hoxtons Revenge stealth suppressor

It took coordinated movement to get access to the house and not alert the guards who patrol fairly randomly.

Payday 2 Hoxtons Revenge cameras rooster screenshot

Having someone on the roof watching the cams was crucial to making sure no one was blindsided by a guard.

Payday 2 Hoxtons Revenge safe room unicorn screenshot

After 40ish tries we got to the saferoom, only to have swat called by ???. We weren't set up for serious combat, but somehow made it out with the evidence.


Payday 2 suppressed deagles akimbo fire screenshot

Programmer humor post it chat slackr

Look for the IPO of my new messaging client. I know it's a crowded space, but I think we have a unqiue offering with Slackr.

Gina LinkedIn hashtag nonsense marketing

Speaking of chat services. Wow, LinkedIn/Gina. A half dozen words and two dozen hashtags.

Weimaraner dog blankets hiding cozy blanketdog