Storypost | 2019.04.17

Bacharach Germany architecture street

Brussels Belgium Galeries St Hubert

The thing we'd missed out on the previous day was, of course, Belgian waffles.

Brussels Belgium Galeries St Hubert shop weimaraner pillow

En route to the cafe, I found some couch cushions that I would have bought on the spot. Alas it was too early.

Train Train station

Soon it was time to catch the train to Bacharach, with a transfer in Cologne. The local line that runs down the Rhine offered some impressive views; the river is dotted with villages, towers, churches, and burgs. Being a local train, it also stopped frequently, but by early evening we arrived at the picturesque town of Bacharach.

Bacharach Germany riesling vineyard hillside steep

Postcard German architecture and riesling vineyards made for nice scenery and a change of pace from the large cities. After checking in to the Rheinhotel, which was more like a large B&B, we took an hourlong hike up into the hills to catch sunset.

Bacharach Germany panaorama vineyards Rhein

Like in France, the riesling grapes weren't doing too much, but the panoramas were still picturesque.

Bacharach Germany riesling vineyards Rhein river panorama

The grapes grow on rather steep slopes.

Bacharach Germany Rheinhotel dinner reservation wine glasses

Then a three course dinner from the very friendly and enthusiastic Chef, who also owns and runs the hotel.


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