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Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth

At last I finished playthrough 1, so here's some screencaps, stuff I learned, and ideas I'm taking into new game+. Gameplay and plot spoilers are at the end, so some things might look a bit out of sequence.
Game mechanics

Fire Emblem Three Houses monastery exploration

I went into my first playthrough purposefully in the dark; it was a combination of hubris from being a series veteran and the desire to have an unspoiled experience. As mentioned in gamefaq.
A few other thoughts

Fire Emblem Three Houses tournaments Sylvain Cavalier

Having someone (other than Byleth) maxed out for each weapon type is a good way to keep the money, professor rank, and silver+ equipment rolling in. It's surprisingly easy to not have a top tier swordfighter.

Fire Emblem Three Houses monster

It's mentioned somewhere, but cracking all four shields on a monster nets you a rare crafting material that pairs nicely with the rusted weapon they drop.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Blacksmith gauntlets Dragon Claws

I used my upcycled equipment only once but it wrecked that wyvern.

Fire Emblem Three Houses romance Cyril

For a semi-dating sim whose prequel had marriage and progeny mechanics, Three Houses really just skips over the romance. Considering the plot, that's probably a good thing, but the second generation mechanic was a really neat part of Fates. Of course, they do bolt on a relationship choice at the very end, "Who do you choose? You'll get a brief, shallow scene at the end of the game." Couldn't we at least get another tier of support that oscillates between S and "you know what's wrong"?

Cyril had Aptitude so I went with him on the chance that there'd be an uber Byleth kid in the next playthough. Oh yeah, idea: let players 'ship characters in pt1 and then have pt2 be the second generation. You get all the fun of deciding inherited skills and then don't have to ditch the older generation mid-story.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Hilda men are so weird fighting drinking

Really the game's dialogue and character development is all peaks and valleys.

Fire Emblem Three Houses cutscene cinema mages

Oh yes, I'm really happy about the new spell mechanic. Limited-use spells that replenish every battle keeps them from being OP but also means you're not saving your best spells (nor their accompanying xp) for a day that never comes.
New game+

Fire Emblem Three Houses New Game Plus renown spending

New game+ is a nice way to ease in to a Madness run. A few high points:
Fire Emblem Three Houses characters appearance Petra

Some of the alternate appearances are neat. Edelgard is strutting around in her emperor duds like people have no idea what's coming.
Next playthrough

Fire Emblem Three Houses new game Byleth birthdate

My gamefaq research revealed - without plot spoilers - that there is an evil(?) path. This was an encouraging find since I was under the impression the next playthough would simply be the same but with different characters I don't care all that much about. I expect most of the battle content to be identical, but I'm not sure how this path will play out plotwise.

Fire Emblem Three Houses cinema Claude bow

I was hesitant about if I'd be able to side with the baddie, but then during the final cutscene Claude said something like, "we're powerful because we have friends and support each other" and I realized the dark path really is the path for me.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Claude lesson moral dialogue

Don't be insular, Fodlan!

Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard house choice

So anyway, I'm joining up with Edelgard and interested to see how this plotline plays out. Of course, tinkering on endgame team comp is half the fun of this game, so I had to start with a list of characters that could be recruited by the Black Eagles and not bail when you decide go to the dark side.

Crimson Flower non/recruitables

Eagles Lions Deer Seiros
Edelgard Dmitri [x] Claude [x] Alois
Hubert Dedue [x] Hilda [x] Catherine [x]
Dorothea Annette Lorenz Shamir
Ferdinand Felix Raphael Cyril [x]
Bernadetta Mercedes Lysithea Flayn [x]
Caspar Ashe Ignatz Seteth [x]
Petra Sylvain Marianne Manuela
Lindhardt Ingrid Leoni Hanneman

Then it was a matter of looking through their crests, personal abilities, and stat growths to decide how to build the squad. This is a bit easier than Fates since there aren't hard class locks, but it also means I could have a character stifled while waiting on a weapon proficiency. My goals for this build:

NG+/Crimson Flower lineup (10 of 12)

Final battle - gameplay but not plot spoilers

Basically if you're interested in recon on the final battle, here it is. Historically these have been difficult, multi-part epics and it was important to know what finale you were building for. This one isn't so tough, but it does favor certain builds.

Fire Emblem Three Houses For the Freedom of Fodlan map

With only a single part and no reinforcements, nukes, or other difficult mechanics, the last battle can be won just by being careful.

Fire Emblem Three Houses For the Freedom of Fodlan terrain

The map does its best to take gambits out of the picture; enemy units stay pretty well spread out. They aren't slouches and can one- or two-hit anyone in the level 43 range. This one heavily favors flyers due to the bushes and wasteland.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nemesis boss stats items

The final boss physical strikes and can counter at any distance. He does move under certain conditions.

Fire Emblem Three Houses final battle Nemesis moved

Trapping him is nice because it means canto units can attack and escape to safety.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Vengeance Nemesis

He did a good bit of damage to Cyril. Unfortunately for Nemesis, Cyril had Vengeance.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nemesis vanquished cinema

See ya later, dude, you were a mediocre final boss and a boring character. At least the emperor I beat two scenarios before had some flair.
Semi-spoilery discussion

Fire Emblem Three Houses Alois Epilogue

Alois is the real hero.

Fire Emblem Three Houses blown up town Fire Emblem Three Houses circuitboard level Fire Emblem Three Houses Rhea progenitor god

It's weird to see Fire Emblem going down the path of Shin Megami Tensei and Etrian Odyssey by deciding their medieval adventure is actually a distant postapocalypse. I do like postapocalypses, but this feels tropey, probably because those two games are the last two I played on 3DS - three if you count Fates which is now in this universe.

thumbnail Fire Emblem Three Houses dragon cavalry thumbnail Fire Emblem Three Houses cavalry stairs thumbnail Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard farewell
thumbnail Fire Emblem Three Houses dragon
thumbnail Fire Emblem Three Houses fire trap battle thumbnail Fire Emblem Three Houses vault
thumbnail Fire Emblem Three Houses flyer tactics beach

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